Courthouse Improvement Fund

Project Background

In November 2016, Whatcom County Council approved the Courthouse Improvement Fund. This fund includes: 

Replacement of the Wheelchair Lift in the Courthouse Rotunda - The lift stalls out several times a year, it is serviced as required, however it does not have the capacity needed to function without overloading and stranding members of the public inside. By replacing the lift we will be giving the citizens and employees a more reliable system to access the Courthouse. 

Prox System Panel Replacement - This equipment replacement will upgrade the old unsupported panels. Once the panels are replaced, Whatcom County will have a more reliable system. - 

Fire and Duress Alarm System - The fire alarm and duress alarm systems are outdated and have been problematic, once the systems are replaced it will bring them up to to present day code and we will not have problems keeping the systems operational. 

Flange Coupling Seals - The seals are leaking and are causing water damage to the ceiling on the 6th floor. Once they are replaced we will no longer have to make costly repairs.