FLIP Team Meetings

Floodplain Integrated Planning (FLIP) team meetings occurred between 2017 and 2019. Documents from these meetings are available on this page. These broader FLIP team are complete for the time being as the FLIP process focuses on reach team planning. Reach 2 was the initial team to begin the reach planning process in February 2020. Reach 2 meeting documents are available on the Reach 2 page.  

As a result of the catastrophic November 2021 flooding, a priority emerged for what is called the “Everson Flow Split”. This is the location upstream of the Everson Bridge where water overflows the Nooksack River banks and flows north to Sumas, Abbotsford, and eventually to the Fraser River via the Sumas River. This location is the confluence of three of the lower river reaches – Reach 4 (Deming to Everson), Reach 3 (Everson to Guide Meridian), and Reach 5 (Everson to Sumas). A new reach team was established for this Everson Flow Split to evaluate the amount of water going north to Sumas (Reach 5) and the amount water flowing downstream to Bellingham Bay (Reaches 3, 2, and 1). An initial Everson Flow Split reach team meeting took place in April 2022. This planning effort is ongoing. 

Reach team processes for the other reaches have yet to be initiated. When all of the reach team processes are completed, the full FLIP stakeholder team will reconvene to combine the work from each reach team into an updated Lower Nooksack River CFHMP. 

FLIP Team Meeting Documents

Acronym Glossary (will be updated as new terms and acronyms are used in the FLIP meetings)