Food Inspection Types

Food establishment inspections are conducted for different purposes. We conduct the following types of inspections:

Routine Inspection:  

  • This is a regular inspection that each food establishment must have every six months to two years. It is an unannounced inspection where we check food safety practices. (Link to food inspection overview page)..  

Follow-up Inspection:  

  • Follow up inspections are unannounced inspections that focus only on violations that were noted during a previous inspection.  Follow-up inspections are used to assure that an operator has corrected the problems identified during the previous inspection.  


  • A reinspection is an enforcement tool that focus on correcting numerous red and/or blue item violations. It may result in permit suspension (a temporary order to close the business) if violations have not been corrected. 

Permit Reinstatement Inspection:  

  • This inspection is required to reinstate an operating permit after suspension.  A permit reinstatement inspection is usually conducted after the operator has:
    1. Attended an administrative hearing;
    2. Signed a binding compliance agreement; and 
    3. Corrected all red item and blue item violations. 

In addition to these inspection types, we may visit a food establishment to investigate a complaint or to consult informally with an operator who has requested a meeting with us.