Visiting Inmates

January 28, 2022, 4:30 pm:
Until further notice, in-person visitation at the downtown jail is canceled due to facility maintenance.

We will resume visitation as soon as possible.

Video Visits

Video Visits from Home: 
Accept video visits on the go! Your incarcerated loved one can initiate a video visit from the tablet without needing to schedule ahead of time. You will need to create an account at and download the getting out the mobile app to receive video visits. Be sure to be signed into the mobile app and have push notifications turned on.

Onsite Video Visits: 

Video visits from both the work center lobby and the main jail lobby are available Sunday – Saturday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

All onsite video visits take place in the visitation lobby and must be scheduled ahead of time. There is no charge for an onsite video visit. These can be scheduled by the visitor during open lobby hours. If a visit is scheduled for you, you will see it under the video visits app. You will need to accept the visit. Then at the scheduled time, the visitor can connect from the lobby, and all the tablets will have a pop-up notification displaying the name of the inmate who has a visit. That inmate can take a tablet to the docking station and log in to be connected to the visitor.

Funding Phone Calls

Friends and family may deposit funds into an inmate's commissary account to be used for phone calls or for any other allowed purpose. Alternatively, friends and family can deposit money to their own prepaid account and fund a specific telephone number.

To create an account and deposit funds on your telephone number, contact IC Solutions:

By Phone: 888-506-8407 Online:

For information on funding a commissary account: Click here

Messages & Photos

Just like letters in the mail, messages are also appreciated–just get there faster! Message each other online at

Photos help connect your incarcerated loved one to you and your life. Whatever you send, it’s sure to bring a smile to their face–and remain a cherished keepsake.

Remote and video visiting at both locations is managed by a contract vendor IC Solutions.


The Whatcom County Jail is located in the Public Safety Building at the corner of Central and Prospect Streets in Bellingham.  The entrance is off Central Street, on the opposite (east) side of the building from the main entrance to the Sheriff's Office.

The Interim Work Center is located at 2030 Division Street in Bellingham.

Posting Bail

Bail may be posted 24 hours a day via the Jail lobby kiosk after hours. To access the lobby after hours, push the after hours button next to the jail's main entrance.

Receiving Calls From Inmates

If you are having trouble receiving collect calls from an inmate, please call 1-888-506-8407.