Guardrail Safety Program


Project Update for February 19, 2020

Construction has been completed on the Guardrail Safety Program Project and Final Acceptance has been approved by the funding authority. Whatcom County is now working towards project closure.

Project Update for October 16, 2019

All guardrail installations are complete and project final acceptance pending inspection by funding authority.

Whatcom County appreciates the public's patience and safety through the construction areas.

Project Update for May 9, 2019

This project intends to construct new guardrail at 25 sites in various locations throughout Whatcom County. See site list below for locations.

The project is funded through federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) money. Whatcom County received $105,000 for Preliminary Engineering and $805,000 for construction.

The project has completed the design phase and is currently being advertised for bids with construction planned to begin in June/July of 2019.

If you have any questions please contact Andrew Tischleder, Project Engineer, at [email protected] or (360) 778-6224.

Guardrail Safety Program Map

Map Note:  The red features on the map below indicate the guardrail site locations.  Zoom in to see a more detailed map view or click on a feature to see the corresponding site number to zoom to it directly.  To search by guardrail site number, select the number from the table below and enter it into the searchbox.  Hit Enter to zoom directly to the guardrail.  Select the home button at the left (picture of house) to zoom back out to the full map view.

Guardrail Safety Program Sites

Site Number Road Name
1 Samish Way
3 Sweet Road
4 Sweet Road
7 Lake Whatcom Blvd.
8 Lake Whatcom Blvd
12 Stadsvold Road
13 Old Samish Road
14 South Pass Road
15 South Pass Road
16 South Pass Road
17 South Pass Road
18 South Pass Road
20 South Pass Road
22 South Pass Road
24 South Bay Road
25 South Bay Road
A1 Samish Way
A2 VanWyck
A3 Harvey Rd
A4 Harvey Rd
A5 Harvey Rd.
A6  Kickerville Rd.
A7 Hoier Road
A8 Hoier Road
A11 Hoier Road