Virtual Inspections

Whatcom County Planning Building Services Division is pleased to announce the release of a new pilot program for inspections in the field. We are offering Virtual Inspections (via Facetime) to be used for certain types of inspections. In an effort to offer fast efficient service, you can schedule a time for us to "virtually" meet with you. Using interactive technology Building Services staff will participate in a live session with the installer or homeowner and will complete the inspection. Our goal is to increase efficiency while decreasing the impact to the environment by requiring less time on the road for the inspector.  This will in turn save money for the taxpayers and ease access for citizens and the building community to complete required inspections.

You can schedule a Virtual Inspection using our online request form or you can call our inspection hotline at 360-778-5902.  We have also developed A Guide for Virtual Inspections to assist you with any questions you might have about how to prepare for a virtual inspection.