Using the Legislative Information Center

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All meeting information and legislation starting in 2019 is searchable in this database by using the Search Files and Meeting Information tabs along with the drop-down search filters. Agenda Bills prior to 2019 are also searchable on the Search Files tab. Meeting information and legislation before 2019 that's been posted online can still be accessed in various locations using the Meetings Prior to 2019 tab. Click the How do I button to learn more about how to find what you are looking for. Click the icons below to start searching. 

Search Files

Search Files

The Search Files tab allows you to search through all the details of Agenda Bill Files (including Ordinances and Resolutions) that are in the Legistar database (2019 and beyond). You can do an advanced search (Simple and Advanced Search) or Sign up for Alerts on a topic. The result brings up files your search terms are contained in.

In the Search Files tab the following are some of the things that can be searched:
  • Enter keywords in the Search field
  • Search for an agenda bill file in the Search field. EX: AB2019-135
  • Enter Ord or Res in the search field to see adopted/approved ordinances or resolutions (2019 or beyond). Add the year to search through one year. EX: Ord2019
  • Search within a particular year by changing the time period drop-down
  • Search by file type from the Type drop-down menu
  • Select the appropriate checkboxes to search file #, text, attachments, or other information
  • The other info checkbox searches secondary fields related to the file, such as status or file type
  • Click the Search Files button to display the search results
Meeting Information

Meeting Information

The Meeting Information tab displays meetings and can be filtered by a date range. Search here for keywords or dates within the calendar list or within agendas, minutes, and meeting details of meetings. The result brings up meetings your search terms are contained in. It has two views: List View and Calendar View. Use the filters to see the desired time period and meeting body.  

List View displays the meetings in the specified date range in a list form and has the following search options:
  • Use the Search field to look for meetings with agendas, and minutes that contain your search term
  • Filter the meetings you see with the Date Range drop-down menu
  • Filter the meeting body from the Meeting Bodies drop-down menu
  • Select the notes checkbox to include notes about agendas (EX: revised)
  • Click Search Meeting Information to display the search results
  • To sort the list of meetings click Group, and select the appropriate option or click on the Meeting Date column header.
Calendar View displays the meetings in the specified date range in calendar form. You can view the calendar by day, week, month, or timeline.