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  1. Agenda Bill File (Topic) Alert
  2. Upcoming Meeting Alert
  3. Meeting Information Alert
  4. Meeting Details (Agenda Changes) Alert
  5. File Details (Follow one File) Alert
Your Alert is built on the terms entered and selected in the search section of the Search Files page. Even if your search does not produce immediate results, you can create an alert for the search terms. Any alerts you create will send you emails if your search terms are added to the Search Files page. Use this, for example, to receive alerts on a particular key word/topic that would come from file titles.
  1. Click the Alerts button, after you run a search from the Search Files interface. The Alerts button is located on the right-hand side of the Search Files page. Sign In or Sign Up if you need an account.
  2. Edit the Alert Name; this will appear as the subject of the email you receive. (Optional)
  3. Confirm the Search Terms, Time Period, and Type are correct. To change them, return to the Search Files page and generate a new search.
  4. Select an occurrence of how often you would like to receive an alert.
  5. Confirm the email address is correct; this should be the email address associated with your user login.
  6. Enter a secondary email address in the CC field. (Optional)
  7. Click the Add Alert button.