Stormwater Education, Outreach, and Tech Support

What is Stormwater?

Rain becomes stormwater when it travels over our yards, roads and sidewalks. Stormwater flows to storm drains and ditches, which empty directly into our lakes, streams and Bellingham Bay often without treatment. When stormwater picks up fertilizer, pesticides, oil, soap, and bacteria from pet waste, water can become polluted. Stormwater not only carries harmful pollutants into our waterways, but can also result in flooding and erosion problems.

What can I do to help?

The County provides education and technical support to residents to understand how to manage stormwater, whether it is on their property or their neighborhood.

Additional Stormwater Management Resources for homeowners (coming soon)
  • Homeowner Incentive Program (HIP)
  • Managing pet waste
  • Landscaping and Yard care
  • Raingarden Handbook for Western Washington
  • Vehicle washing
  • Disposal of household cleaners, chemicals, and toxics

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