Public Notices - Current Year

Public notices are official documents published to alert citizens and stakeholders of certain proposed permit applications, pending governmental actions and decisions. Public notices allow anyone to become informed and involved in pending actions to which they have an interest in or may be affected by. State law and Whatcom County Code (WCC 22.05) also requires that the public is notified when certain actions are proposed by the County, such as amendments and updates to the Comprehensive Plan and land-use regulations

Permit Number
Notice Type
Comment and/or Appeal Period Ends
Areas Zoned HII in all Municipal UGAs of Whatcom County
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00082SEPA Determination10/16/2023DNS
3140 Douglas Rd
Sam McDaniel
SSS2023-00007 SEPA2023-00050
Short Subdivision w/ Optional DNS
Linked Documents
Ø Rex St. Point Roberts
Maddie Schacht
ADM2023-00047 SEPA2023-00074
Administrative Use Permit w/ Optional DNS
Linked Documents
4930 Aldrich Rd
Maddie Schacht
Administrative Use Permit
Linked Documents
7042 Olympus Way
Sam McDaniel
ADM2023-00042 SEP2023-00066
Administrative Use Permit w/ Optional SEPA10/12/2023Linked Documents
2720 Mount Baker Highway
Sam McDaniel
Conditional Use Permit10/12/2023Linked Documents
4435 Squalicum Lk Rd
McKenna Thompson
Administrative Use Permit10/12/2023Linked Documents
3197 McGee Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00068SEPA Determination10/06/2023MDNS

4160 Fisherman’s Bend Ln

McKenna Thompson
Administrative Use


6417 Mt Baker Hwy
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00057SEPA Determination10/04/2023MDNS
2696 Willeys Lake Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00071SEPA Determination10/04/2023MDNS
8901 Delta Line Road
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00073SEPA Determination10/04/2023MDNS
CountywideCliff StrongSEPA2023-00076SEPA Determination10/03/2023DNS
1303 Parkstone Lane
Nathan GoldschmidtSEPA2023-00049SEPA Determination09/28/2023DNS
4049 Britton Road
Michael KershnerSEP2020-00091SEPA Determination09/28/2023DNS
4738 A&B, 4928, and Ø Jones Rd,
Amy KeenanSEPA2023-00025SEPA Distribution9/23/2023MDNS
9545 Hill Road
Maddie SchachtSSS2023-00014 SEPA2023-00064Short Subdivision with Optional SEPA9/25/2023Linked Documents
6581 Olson Rd
Charles SullivanADM2023-00031Administrative Use Permit9/27/2023Linked Documents
951 Adrian Dr
Charles SullivanADM2023-00034Administrative Use Permit9/27/2023Linked Document
2698 Douglas Rd
Charles SullivanADM2023-00040Administrative Use Permit9/27/2023Linked Documents
4001 York Street
Charles SullivanSSS2023-00004Short Subdivision Alteration9/27/2023Linked Documents
9521 and 9661 Van Buren Rd
Maddie SchachtSSS2023-00012Short Subdivision9/25/2023Linked Documents
8358 Stein RoadMcKenna ThompsonADM2023-00037Administrative Use Permit09/22/2023Linked Documents
8421 Stein RoadMcKenna ThompsonADM2023-00038Administrative Use Permit09/22/2023Linked Documents
8749 Stein RoadMcKenna ThompsonADM2023-00039Administrative Use Permit09/22/2023Linked Documents
Ø South Pass Road
McKenna ThompsonSSS2023-00011
Short Subdivision with Optional SEPA
09/12/2023Linked Documents
1064 Birch Bay Lynden Road
Charles SullivanSEPA2023-00009SEPA Determination09/05/2023DNS
6470 Northwest Drive
Maddie SchachtADM2023-00035Administrative Use Permit09/08/2023Linked Documents
0 Manley Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00054SEPA Determination09/05/2023MDNS
682 Chuckanut Drive 
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00060SEPA Determination09/05/2023MDNS
3236 Jerns Road
Sydney SchlotterbackSEPA2023-00063SEPA Determination09/05/2023DNS
3901 Unick Road
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00047SEPA DeterminationN/ARevised MDNS and Associated Documents
Between Jackson Road and a spur of the BNSF Railway Right-of-Way
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00051SEPA Determination08/30/2023MDNS
1839 Johnson Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00055SEPA Determination08/30/2023MDNS
4519 Grandview Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00056SEPA Determination08/30/2023MDNS
0 Northwood RoadNick SmithSEPA2023-00058SEPA Determination08/25/2023MDNS
4781 Lost Creek Ln
Sam McDanielADM2023-00024 SEPA2023-00039
Administrative Use Permit w/ Optional SEPA08/25/2023
Linked Documents
4029 Willowbrook Ln
Charles SullivanSEPA2023-00042SEPA Determination08/19/2023DNS
4738 A&B, 4928, and Ø Jones Rd
Amy Keenan
CUP2023-00004 SEP2023-00025
Conditional Use Permit with Optional SEPA08/23/2023
Linked Documents
3611 Bay Rd
Maddie Schacht
Administrative Use Permit08/18/2023Linked Documents
2104 Dellesta Drive
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00053SEPA Determination08/16/2023DNS
2104 Dellesta Drive
Kyla WaltersSEPA2022-00013SEPA DeterminationN/AWithdrawal
9383 Guide Meridian
Sam McDanielSSS2023-00002 SEPA2023-00031 
Short Subdivision with Optional SEPA ReNotice
08/02/2023Linked Documents
No assigned address; Heady Road & South Pass Road, Maple Falls, WA
Maddie SchachtSEPA2023-00011SEPA Determination08/07/2023DNS
1064 Birch Bay Lynden Road
Charles SullivanADM2023-00011
Administrative Use Permit w/ Optional SEPA08/09/2023Linked Documents
640 Marine Drive - In Squalicum Harbor, BellinghamAndrew HicksSEPA2023-00017SEPA Determination08/03/2023DNS
Ø and 4167 and 4172 Brays Way
Craig OstromADM2023-00029Administrative Use Permit08/07/2023Linked Documents
3901 Unick Road 
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00041 
SEPA Determination08/04/2023MDNS and Associated Documents
131 Soundview Road
Sam McDanielADM2023-00023
Administrative Use Permit08/04/2023Linked Documents
1719 Farmview Terrace
Sam McDanielSSS2023-00005 SEPA2023-00029
Short Subdivision with Optional SEPA08/04/2023Linked Documents
6875 Guide Meridian
McKenna ThompsonADM2023-00033Administrative Use Permit08/03/2023Linked Documents
9383 Guide Meridian
Sam McDanielSSS2023-00002 & SEPA2023-00031
Short Subdivision with Optional SEPA08/02/2023Linked Documents
4121 Malachite Drive
Maddie SchachtADM2023-00032Administrative Use Permit08/02/2023Linked Documents
3264 Whistler Drive
Maddie SchachtADM2023-00030
Administrative Use Permit08/02/2023Linked Documents
4029 Willowbrook Ln
Charles Sullivan
VAR-MAJ2022-00010 SEP2023-00042
Major Variance with Optional SEPA07/31/2023
Linked Documents
2181 Northshore Road
Kyla WaltersSHR2023-00007
Shoreline Substantial Development and Shoreline Variance with Optional SEPA08/14/2023Linked Documents
0 Northshore Rd
Sam McDanielADM2023-00012Administrative Use Permit07/25/2023Linked Documents
2600 Mackenzie Road
Maddie SchachtSEPA2022-00087SEPA Determination07/03/2023DNS
1740 Lake Whatcom Blvd
Maddie Schacht
SEPA2022-00113SEPA Determination07/01/2023DNS
2580 Lake Whatcom Blvd 
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00036SEPA Determination07/05/2023DNS
Haida WayAndrew HicksSHC2022-00009
Shoreline Conditional Use and Shoreline Variance and Major Variance07/20/2023Linked Documents
3901 Unick Road
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00047SEPA Determination06/30/2023MDNS and Associated Documents
3310 Slater Road
Nick SmithSEP2020-00024SEPA Determination06/30/2023MDNS
815 W Pole Rd
McKenna ThompsonADM2023-00025Administrative Use Permit06/28/2023
Linked Documents
2633 Delta Ring Rd
Craig OstromBSP2023-00001 SEPA2023-00037
Binding Site Plan w/ Optional SEPA06/28/2023
Linked Documents
Haida WayAndrew HicksSHC2022-00009
Shoreline Conditional Use and Shoreline Variance07/13/2023Linked Documents
8718 Windon Lane
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00045SEPA Determination06/26/2023MDNS
640 Marine Drive - In Squalicum Harbor, Bellingham
Andrew HicksSHR2023-00003
Shoreline Substantial w/ Optional SEPA07/12/2023Linked Documents
2094 Kelly Rd
McKenna Thompson
Administrative Use Permit06/21/2023
Linked Documents
212 Polo Park Drive
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00040SEPA Determination06/20/2023DNS
5610 Judy Way
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00043SEPA Determination 06/20/2023MDNS
R-O-W adjacent to Holeman Ave from 6928 Holeman Ave to 6932 Holeman Ave
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00044SEPA Determination 06/20/2023DNS
9063 Depot Rd
Maddie SchachtSSS2023-00006
Short Subdivision06/16/2023Linked Documents
3014 Cedar Lane
Sam McDaniel
ADM2023-00018Administrative Use Permit
Linked Documents
8068 Birch Bay Drive
Charles Sullivan
Major Zoning Variance06/09/2023
Linked Documents
0 E Laurel Rd
Maddie Schacht
Administrative Use Permit
06/09/2023Linked Documents
6456 Hannegan Rd
Maddie Schacht
Administrative Use Permit
06/09/2023Linked Documents
210 Polo Park Drive
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00035SEPA Determination 06/07/2023DNS
2226 Academy Highlands Lane
Maddie Schacht
SEPA Determination
746 Marine Dr
McKenna Thompson
Administrative Use Permit
06/01/2023Linked Documents
1336 Seacrest Drive
Kyla WaltersSHR2023-00004
Shoreline Substantial and Shoreline Variance and Conditional Use06/17/2023Linked Documents
4519 Grandview Road
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00038SEPA Determination05/31/2023MDNS
7609 & 7605 Birch Bay Drive
Kyla WaltersSHR2023-00005 SHC2023-00003 SEPA2023-00033
Shore Substantial and Shoreline Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA06/15/2023Linked Documents
0 Blaine Rd
Craig OstromCUP2022-00012
Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA
Linked Documents
8458 North Pass Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00034SEPA Determination05/25/2023DNS
0 Dahlberg Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00030SEPA Determination05/23/2023DNS
3870 Holtzheimer Trail Rd
McKenna Thompson
Administrative Use Permit
Linked Documents
286 Shallow Shore Road
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00012SEPA Determination05/19/2023DNS
3257 Northshore Road
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00021SEPA Determination05/19/2023DNS
2587 Northshore Road
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00024SEPA Determination05/19/2023DNS
2825 Lake Whatcom Blvd
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00026SEPA Determination05/19/2023DNS
6311 North Star Rd
McKenna ThompsonADM2023-00016Administrative Use Permit

05/17/2023Linked Documents
3217 Greenwood Ave
McKenna Thompson
ADM2023-00013Administrative Use Permit
05/17/2023Linked Documents
1265 Marine Drive 
Amy KeenanSEP2009-00116SEPA Determination05/16/2023MDNS
County-wideCliff Strong
SEPA Determination
4172 Squalicum Lake Road
Charles Sullivan
Administrative Use Permit

05/09/2023Linked Documents
5900 Block of Truck Road
Andrew HicksSEPA2022-00111SEPA Determination05/04/2023DNS
2640 Pyeatt Place
Michael KershnerSEPA2023-00001SEPA Determination05/08/2023DNS
3951 Britton Rd
Maddie Schacht
ADM2023-00004Administrative Use Permit
05/05/2023Linked Documents
5579 Guide Meridian
Sam McDaniel
Administrative Use Permit
05/04/2023Linked Documents
4005 Saltspring Drive
Andrew HicksSHC2023-00002Shoreline Conditional Use05/18/2023Linked Documents
787 & 727 Beard Road
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00010SEPA Determination04/26/2023MDNS
Various DistrictsMatt AamotSEPA2023-00027SEPA Determination04/25/2023DNS
4672 Birch Bay Lynden Road
Amy Keenan
CUP2023-00003Conditional Use Permit04/25/2023Linked Documents
0 South Pass Road CORRECTED
Sam McDanielCUP2023-00001 Conditional Use Permit04/18/2023Linked Documents
Along Glacier Creek levee in Glacier, WA. Approx. ¼ mile South of Mt. Baker HwyAndrew HicksSEPA2023-00018SEPA Determination04/18/2023DNS and Linked Documents
Various – Under management of WDFWAndrew HicksSEPA2023-00022SEPA Determination04/18/2023DNS
7771 Leibrant RoadSam McDanielSSS2023-00001 SEPA2023-00020Short Subdivision w/ Optional SEPA

04/17/2023Linked Documents
8145 W 42nd PlMaddie SchachtADM2023-00014Administrative Use Permit04/14/2023Linked Documents
9062 Giles RdMaddie SchachtADM2023-00015Administrative Use Permit

04/14/2023Linked Documents
5280 Northwest DriveNick SmithSEPA2022-00117SEPA Determination04/12/2023MDNS
2104 Dellesta DriveKyla WaltersSEPA2022-00013SEPA Determination04/10/2023DNS
2116 Buchanan LoopNick SmithSEPA2022-00062SEPA Determination04/10/2023MDNS
4605 Cable StreetMichael KershnerSEPA2022-00116SEPA Determination 04/10/2023DNS
7041 Vista DrCharles SullivanCUP2022-00013Conditional Use Permit04/07/2023Linked Documents
5173 Hannegan RdCharles SullivanADM2023-00008Administrative Use Permit04/07/2023Linked Documents
2160 H Street Rd Sam McDanielADM2023-00010Administrative Use Permit04/05/2023Linked Documents
992 Paradise RdSam McDanielADM2023-00002Administrative Use Permit03/29/2023Linked Documents
2160 H Street RoadEric CauboSEPA2023-00013SEPA Determination03/27/2023MDNS
6439 Mt Baker HwyEric CauboSEPA2023-00014SEPA Determination03/27/2023MDNS
8484 Horizon DriveEric CauboSEPA2023-00015SEPA Determination03/27/2023MDNS
County-WideEric CauboSEPA2023-00019SEPA Determination03/27/2023DNS
0 South Pass RoadSam McDanielCUP2023-00001Conditional Use Permit03/27/2023Linked Documents
710 E Smith RdSam McDanielADM2022-00023Administrative Use Permit03/23/2023Linked Documents
5413 Waschke RdCharles SullivanADM2022-00040Administrative Use Permit03/22/2023Linked Documents
5283 E 18th CrescentCharles SullivanADM2022-00035Administrative Use Permit03/22/2023Linked Documents
3711 Cabrant RdCharles SullivanADM2022-00028Administrative Use Permit03/22/2023Linked Documents
Heady Rd south of South Pass RdMaddie SchachtBLA2023-00005 EXE2023-00001 SEPA2023-00011Boundary Line Adjustment and Exemption Application w/ Optional SEPA03/22/2023Linked Documents
5550 Aldrich RdSam McDanielSEPA2022-00066SEPA Determination03/11/2023Revised MDNS
7863 Crockett RdSam McDanielADM2023-00006Administrative Use Permit03/10/2023Linked Documents
5200 Turkington RdMaddie SchachtSEP2022-00094SEPA Determination03/05/2023DNS
3325 Brown RdSam McDanielADM2023-00003Administrative Use Permit

03/08/2023Linked Documents
6795 Hawk Ridge DrMaddie SchachtADM2023-00009Administrative Use Permit03/03/2023Linked Documents
5326 Reese Hill RdEric CauboSEPA2023-00006SEPA Determination02/10/2023DNS
County-wideNick SmithSEPA2023-00004SEPA Determination02/10/2023DNS
2195 Buchanan LoopNick SmithSEPA2022-00060SEPA Determination02/10/2023MDNS
3704 South Bay DrAndrew HicksSEPA2022-00105SEPA Determination02/10/2023DNS
283 W. Wiser Lake Rd Andrew HicksSEPA2021-00042SEPA Determination02/18/2023DNS
County-wideCliff StrongSEPA2023-00008SEPA Determination02/24/2023DNS
4191 Sucia DriveKyla WaltersSHC2023-00001Shoreline Conditional Use03/06/2023Linked Documents
8859 Mt Baker HighwayKyla WaltersSHR2023-00001Shoreline Substantial03/06/2023Linked Documents
2718 Northshore RdSam McDanielSEPA2022-00032SEPA Determination02/15/2023DNS
1305 Ten Mile RoadSam McDanielSEP2021-00085SEPA Determination02/14/2023MDNS
4677 & 4656 Drayton Harbor RoadKyla Walters and Maddie SchachtSHR2021-00016
Shoreline Substantial and Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA03/02/2023Linked Documents
7457 & 7461 Birch Bay DriveKyla WaltersSEPA2022-00106SEPA Determination02/13/2023DNS
3214 Birch Bay Lynden Road Eric CauboSEPA2023-00003SEPA Determination02/13/2023DNS
2552 Delta Ring RoadNick SmithSEP2021-00092SEPA Determination02/09/2023MDNS
855 Bennett RdSam McDanielADM2022-00041ADM2022-0004102/08/2023Linked Documents
West Shore DriveSam McDanielSSS2022-00015Short Subdivision02/06/2023Linked Documents
8351 N Telegraph RoadEric CauboSEPA2023-00002SEPA Determination02/03/2023DNS
418 E Axton RoadJoshua FleischmannSEPA2022-00114SEPA Determination02/03/2023DNS
6022 North Star RoadMaddie SchachtADM2022-00034Administrative Use Permit01/25/2023Linked Documents
5380 Belfern DriveNick SmithSEPA2022-00110SEPA Determination01/25/2023MDNS
1861 Mount Baker HighwayAmy KeenanCUP2022-00006 SEPA2022-00089Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA01/18/2023Linked Documents
8028 Blaine RdAmy KeenanPUD2022-00001 Planned Unit Development01/18/2023Linked Documents
8300 Semiahmoo Drive - CORRECTEDMaddie SchachtADM2022-00039Administrative Use Permit01/18/2023Linked Documents
1940 Marine DriveKyla WaltersSEPA2022-00109SEPA Determination01/11/2023DNS
4900 Block of Highland DriveKyla WaltersSHR2022-00009Shoreline Substantial01/26/2023Linked Documents
1740 Lake Whatcom BlvdMaddie SchachtCUP2022-00014
Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA01/10/2023Linked Documents
2349 Coyote Creek DriveMaddie SchachtADM2022-00022Administrative Use Permit01/10/2023Linked Documents
710 Hatchery RoadAndrew HicksSHR2022-00018Shoreline Substantial01/23/2023Linked Documents
5800 Block of Truck RoadAndrew HicksSHR2022-00019
Shoreline Substantial w/ Optional SEPA01/23/2023Linked Documents