Public Notices - Current Year

Public notices are official documents published to alert citizens and stakeholders of certain proposed permit applications, pending governmental actions and decisions. Public notices allow anyone to become informed and involved in pending actions to which they have an interest in or may be affected by. State law and Whatcom County Code (WCC 22.05) also requires that the public is notified when certain actions are proposed by the County, such as amendments and updates to the Comprehensive Plan and land-use regulations

AddressPlanner/ContactPermit NumberNotice TypeComment and/or Appeal Period EndsDocuments
4191 Sucia Drive
Kyla WaltersSHC2023-00001Shoreline Conditional Use03/06/2023Linked Documents
8859 Mt Baker Highway
Kyla WaltersSHR2023-00001Shoreline Substantial03/06/2023Linked Documents
2718 Northshore Rd
Sam McDaniel
SEPA Determination
1305 Ten Mile Road
Sam McDaniel
SEPA Determination
4677 & 4656 Drayton Harbor Road
Kyla Walters and Maddie SchachtSHR2021-00016
Shoreline Substantial and Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA03/02/2023Linked Documents
7457 & 7461 Birch Bay Drive
Kyla WaltersSEPA2022-00106SEPA Determination02/13/2023DNS
3214 Birch Bay Lynden Road 
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00003SEPA Determination02/13/2023DNS
2552 Delta Ring Road
Nick SmithSEP2021-00092SEPA Determination02/09/2023MDNS
855 Bennett Rd
Sam McDaniel
02/08/2023Linked Documents
West Shore Drive
Sam McDaniel
Short Subdivision
Linked Documents
8351 N Telegraph Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00002SEPA Determination02/03/2023DNS
418 E Axton Road
Joshua FleischmannSEPA2022-00114SEPA Determination02/03/2023DNS
6022 North Star Road
Maddie Schacht
Administrative Use Permit
Linked Documents
5380 Belfern Drive
Nick SmithSEPA2022-00110SEPA Determination01/25/2023MDNS
1861 Mount Baker Highway
Amy Keenan
CUP2022-00006 SEPA2022-00089Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA
01/18/2023Linked Documents
8028 Blaine RdAmy Keenan
Planned Unit Development
01/18/2023Linked Documents
8300 Semiahmoo Drive - CORRECTED
Maddie SchachtADM2022-00039Administrative Use Permit01/18/2023Linked Documents
1940 Marine Drive
Kyla WaltersSEPA2022-00109SEPA Determination01/11/2023DNS
4900 Block of Highland Drive
Kyla WaltersSHR2022-00009Shoreline Substantial01/26/2023Linked Documents
1740 Lake Whatcom Blvd
Maddie SchachtCUP2022-00014
Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA01/10/2023Linked Documents
2349 Coyote Creek Drive
Maddie SchachtADM2022-00022Administrative Use Permit01/10/2023Linked Documents
710 Hatchery Road
Andrew HicksSHR2022-00018Shoreline Substantial
01/23/2023Linked Documents
5800 Block of Truck Road
Andrew HicksSHR2022-00019
Shoreline Substantial w/ Optional SEPA
01/23/2023Linked Documents

1305 Ten Mile Road