I Have a Boat

Clean water is essential for protecting the health of people, marine mammals, shellfish, and fish.  When you are boating in marine waters your activities can easily affect the shorelines where people play and harvest shellfish.  Keeping human and pet waste out of our waterways is part of the solution to improving water quality in our community.

Human Waste

semiahmoo marina

With easy access to marine waters, boating is a popular pastime in Whatcom County.  These marine waters are “No Discharge Zones”.

When portable toilets or holding tanks are illegally emptied into water, it doesn’t just get washed away.  Bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens can enter the water and spread diseases.  This can lead to beach closures and contaminated shellfish beds.

Place Your Waste in its Proper Place ~ Use Pumpouts and Shoreline Restrooms.

Pumpout Stations and Restrooms are Available at:  

·         Blaine Harbor Marina   360.647.6176

·         Semiahmoo Marina   360.371.0440

·         Birch Bay Village Marina  (private marina - must be pre-registered to utilize)

·         Squalicum Harbor  360.676.2542

Drayton Harbor Mobile Pumpout Boat is Available at:

·         Semiahmoo Marina   360.371.0440

pumpout sign

Tip: Wire your Y-valve closed to ensure sewage only flows to the holding tank.

Tip: Blaine Harbor and Squalicum Harbor both provide shower and laundry facilities for customers and visitors to use shore facilities and reduce graywater.

For more information....

For maps of restroom and pumpout station locations (link to PDF)

Department of Ecology No Discharge Zone (NDZ)

Washington State Parks Boating Pumpout Info


Pet Waste

Pexel697736 dog on boat

When boating or living aboard a boat, we often have our pet companions join us.  Just like human waste, pet waste needs to be disposed of properly to protect water quality.

When walking your dog, follow these simple steps:  Scoop it, Bag it, Trash it.  If you have forgotten your bags, our local marinas have pet waste stations with bags available.

Cat litter should also be bagged and tossed in the garbage.  No litter overboard!