Community Health Snapshots

Community Health Snapshots are short health assessments that look at health data specific to the communities within our county. They include information on a range of health topics that can help inform community planning and action.

We know that where you live can affect your health and that even within a small area there can be large differences in well-being. That’s why in addition to the countywide 2018 Community Health Assessment, Whatcom County Health and Community Services prepared Community Health Snapshots. Snapshots are reports that take a closer look at how health varies across the communities within Whatcom County. We’ve used school district boundaries to define the communities.

The Community Health Snapshots were developed by reviewing existing public health data and collecting data directly from residents and service providers about the major strengths and challenges affecting their community. We hosted 15 listening sessions throughout the county and heard from 90 participants.

The final products are seven Community Health Snapshots and an executive summary, which describes what we learned about the similarities and differences in health within the county. These documents serve as companions to the countywide 2018 Community Health Assessment.

Community Health Snapshot Reports

Executive Summary of 2018 Community Health Snapshots

Community Health Snapshots: Individual Reports