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Welcome to Whatcom County’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) map portal.  Whatcom County provides online maps and maintains several key GIS datasets.  Please refer to the data disclaimer at the bottom of the page prior to using our information.

Interactive Maps

Tax Parcel Viewer thumbnail Opens in new windowWhatcom County Tax Parcel Viewer 
This Tax Parcel Viewer application is intended for public use to access tax parcels and related assessment information. Information obtained from this web map application cannot be used for legal purposes or official documents. Consult Property deeds for full legal descriptions of property boundaries.
Tax Parcel Viewer thumbnail Opens in new windowWhatcom County Districts and Elected Officials 
Use the interactive map to search and identify addresses in Whatcom County to view assigned districts, precincts and elected officials.
Natural Hazards Explorer Storymap Opens in new windowNatural Hazards Explorer
This StoryMap provides information on Natural Hazards in Whatcom County in support of the Sheriff's Office Division of Emergency Management 2021 Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan. Data provided by Washington State DNR's Geologic Information Portal and FEMA. Additional information can be found at the Division of Emergency Management home page. 
Watershed Portal application opens in new window Opens in new windowWatershed Portal
The Whatcom County Watershed Portal provides the public data resources and visualization for important watershed characteristics and issues within the County.  
Watershed Viewer map opens in new windowWatershed Viewer
Stand Alone watershed viewer application focusing on visualization of important WRIA1 watershed characteristics across the region. GIS application data is provided from a variety of local, state and federal partners.  
Thumbnail for Purchase of Development RightsConservation Easement Program Landscape Analysis Map
This StoryMap provides information on the Whatcom County Conservation Easement Program (CEP). It explains the six conservation goals that are the focus of the CEP: Agriculture, Forests, Ecosystems, Water, Climate, and Open Space. You can also find more information on the County's Conservation Easement Program Page.
County Travel PlannerTravel Planner - Road Closures and Restrictions
The Road Closures and Restrictions Viewer shows traffic impacts, where drivers can expect delays or closures on county roads. This application is typically updated during weekday business hours, excluding holidays, and applies only to County maintained unincorporated areas.

For Whatcom County's State Highways, see the WSDOT Real-time Map.
County Travel PlannerTravel Planner - Bridge Restrictions Viewer
Weight Restricted Bridge Restrictions Map showing all posted bridges for Unincorporated Whatcom County. This site has been developed as a reference tool for operators of Commercial Vehicles to identify and locate structures in Whatcom County where access and use is limited based on the vehicle’s weight. You can also find more information on the County’s Bridge Program page.
County Travel PlannerTravel Planner - Snow Priority Roads Viewer
Whatcom County Public Works (WCPW) is charged with safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively maintaining reliable access to the County’s road system. In order to do this during winter months, WCPW has long-established guidelines for coordinated snow and ice removal on all of the 960 miles of county-maintained roads.
County Travel PlannerTravel Planner - All Weather Roads Viewer
Roads that are constructed to an “All-Weather” standard and are not typically affected by load restrictions. This information is commonly used by truckers transporting goods and equipment. Portions of these roads may need to be weight restricted during extreme weather, especially during freeze-thaw conditions. Emergency restrictions do not affect passenger vehicles.

Downloadable Maps

Assessor Maps 2Assessor Maps
Whatcom County Real Property Search Page contains tax area maps throughout the County. Once on the search page, go to the upper right corner of page under "Plat Maps". Type in the Township, Range and section of the area you wish to see. Whole section maps may reference additional maps, but here is a link to the map numbering layout. You can also find more information on the Assessor’s Home Page.
Auditor Maps 2Auditor's Office Precinct and District Maps
County Auditor district maps for varying districts available in PDF format.
Parks Maps 2Parks
Links to PDF geo-enabled maps for County maintained parks. To learn more about the Avenza PDF Maps and how to download the app to your mobile device, please visit our Mobile Maps page.  Additional information on County Parks is available at the Parks and Recreation page.
PDS Maps 2Planning and Development Services (PDS)
There are a number of maps available from Whatcom County Planning and Development Services (PDS) in both PDF and hard copy format.

Data Disclaimer
Use of Whatcom County's GIS data implies the user's agreement with the following statement.

Whatcom County disclaims any warranty of merchantability or warranty of fitness of this data for any particular purpose, either express or implied. No representation or warranty is made concerning the accuracy, currency, completeness, or quality of data depicted. Any user of this data assumes all responsibility for use thereof, and further agrees to hold Whatcom County harmless from and against any damage, loss, or liability arising from any use of this data.