Birch Bay Watershed & Aquatic Resources Management Advisory Committee


The Committee will represent the residents of the subzone and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding the implementation of the Birch Bay Watershed and Aquatic Resource Management (BBWARM) District stormwater program.

The Committee also serves as the advisory committee for the Birch Bay Shellfish Protection District. The purpose of the shellfish protection district is to provide services to citizens experiencing nonpoint pollution of surface water drainages and coastal waters and to implement those portions of the Birch Bay closure response strategies necessary to allow removal of the Birch Bay downgrades and maintain year-round shellfish harvest.


  • Meetings are generally held four times per year on the third Wednesday in January, April, July, and October.
  • Meetings are open to the public. Community members who attend may provide public comment on issues related to watershed and aquatic resources in Birch Bay. 


The Birch Bay Watershed and Aquatic Resources Management (BBWARM) Advisory Committee has 5 members appointed by the County Council:

  • Robert Shanabarger, 1st term expires 1/31/25
  • Michael Allan, 1st term expires 1/31/2027
  • Jane Olson Mauk, 1st term expires 1/31/2027
  • Rebecca Hardle, 1st term expires 1/31/2028
  • Sherrie Jarrett-Green, 1st term expires 1/31/2028


At least 4 members must reside in the subzone district. The 5th member may either reside in the district or represent a rate payer in the district. Members geographically represent a broad spectrum of stakeholders within the BBWARM District boundaries.


Term Information

    • 4-year terms, 2 term limit, 1 year separation required after 2 terms to be eligible to reapply