Birch Bay & Pt. Whitehorn Road Drainage Improvements

Birch Bay & Pt. Whitehorn Road Drainage Improvements

Birch Bay & Pt. Whitehorn Road Drainage Improvements Phase 1

Project Description: In December 2017, the failure of a corrugated metal outfall pipe on Birch Bay Drive caused a significant slope failure on a steep bluff to the shoreline, posing a critical public safety issue. The replacement of this outfall was scheduled for construction in 2021, but this pipe failure called for emergency action. Temporary repairs were installed immediately, with the majority of the final repair constructed in early January 2019 (see photo sequence). In May 2019, an additional storm drainage line will be installed near the top of the bank toward the roadway to complete the project.
  • Construction Year:  2019
  • Engineer of Record: Tetra Tech, Inc.
  • Contractor: Iverson Earth Works, LLC
  • Construction Contract Amount:  $38,000

Birch Bay Drive & Pt. Whitehorn Road Drainage Improvements Phase 2

Project Description:  This project will improve drainage along Birch Bay Drive by installing an upsized storm pipe conveyance system along Birch Bay Drive between Pt. Whitehorn Road and Holeman Ave. This project will also construct a new outfall off of Pt. Whitehorn Road into an existing poind as the existing outfall ditch to the Beaver Pond is becoming heavily incised and eroded.

The proposed system is designed to convey the 100-year storm event and the new pipe sizes will vary from 12" to 24" in diameter, with approximately 25 new catch basins.

The project design is nearing the 100% design level and all environmental permits will be submitted in May 2019. Underground utility conflicts have been identified and relocation efforts by the affected utilities will begin soon.
Construction is anticipated to being in early September 2019 and will require 2 months to complete, weather dependent.

The aerial map shows the regions where the new stormwater infrastructure will be constructed for the project.

  • Construction Year: 2019
  • Engineer of Record: Tetra Tech, Inc.
  • Contractor: To be determined by competitive bid process
  • Construction Contract Amount: To be determined

Project Update March 5, 2020

On February 28, 2020, the project was determined to be Physically Complete with all work being completed. Over the last couple months, additional work evolved for Iverson Earth Works, as ponding water in the shoulder was noted in a few locations. This issue was addressed by installing 3 long French drains in these areas. A special thank you to Iverson Earth Works and the community for their patience during this project.

Project Update December 2, 2019

Iverson Earth Works, LLC has substantially completed the project with only minor punch list items remaining to physically complete the work. Weather dependent. all work will completed the week of December 9, 2019. Iverson Earth Works, LLC has done quality work in construction this project and a special thank you to the public for their cooperation during construction.


Project Update November 4, 2019

Iverson Earth Works has completed installing the large outfall pipe and rock pad by the pond off of Pt. Whitehorn Rd, as well as a large manhole installation along Pt. Whitehorn Rd. Approximately 500 feet of storm pipe remain to be installed along Birch Bay Drive this week of November 11, 2019, with the project being substantially complete the week of November 18, 2019, weather dependent.

11.8.19 update PW-3-Photo 1 (2)
11.8.19 update PW-3-Photo 2 (2)

Project Update October 25, 2019

Iverson Earth Works began installation of a large outfall pipe and rock pad by the pond off of Pt. Whitehorn Rd. Additional work has been occurring along Pt. Whitehorn Rd between Birch Bay Drive and Helweg Lane with the installation of catch basins and storm pipe. A cross culvert under Pt Whitehorn Road will be installed October 29-30, 2019.

Press Release 10/25/19

Pt Whitehorn Photo1.10.25.19
Pt Whitehorn Photo

Project Update October 14, 2019

Construction work will be continuing on Birch Bay Drive and on Pt. Whitehorn Road. Installation of an outfall pipe to the pond will begin this week and a cross culvert under Pt. Whitehorn Road will occur Monday, October 21, 2019, weather dependent. To date, the contractor has installed nearly 2,000 feet of new storm pipe and catch basins.

Press Release 10-21-19

Project Update for October 1, 2019

Construction work will be continuing down Birch Bay Drive towards Holeman Avenue. After this section is completed, work will be occurring between Jill Street and Pt. Whitehorn Road. To date, the contractor has installed over 1,000 feet of new storm pipe and catch basins.


Project Update for September 24, 2019

Construction by Iverson Earth Works, LLC began on Monday, September 16, 2019. Work began with clearing trees for the new outfall into the pond and placing quarry spalls and a turbidity curtain near the edge of the pond. Potholing for utilities is also occurring along the project length with new pipe and catch basins being installed between Holeman Avenue and Jill Street.


Project Update for September 12, 2019

Iverson Earth Works, LLC will construct stormwater improvements along Birch Bay Drive between Holeman Ave and Pt. Whitehorn Road. This work will begin Monday, September 16, 2019 and will continue for approximately 9 weeks, weather dependent. For additional info see below.

Press Release 9/12/19

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