Agate Bay Stormwater Improvements Phase 2

The Agate Bay Stormwater Improvement Project, Phase 2 is a part of a two year effort to provide stormwater treatment in the Agate Bay region. This project will employ strategies to remove phosphorus from stormwater generated by developed residential lots, roadways, cleared land, and landscaping. These improvements are planned primarily for stormwater that flows to the lake with little or no treatment.

The proposed improvement will consist of 3 new stormwater treatment vaults as well as new conveyance pipes and structures. In addition to water quality, the proposed improvements will improve stormwater conveyance to Lake Whatcom.

The project design is nearing the 100% design level and will go out to competitive bid in June. Construction is anticipated to being in early August 2019 and will require 2 month to complete.
Construction Year:  2019

Engineer of Record: Wilson Engineering, Inc.

Engineer's Construction Estimate:  $550,000