Prevention Coalitions

  1. Prevention Coalitions
  2. Birch Bay / Blaine Thrives
  3. Ferndale Community Coalition
  4. Mt. Baker Community Coalition
  5. Whatcom Prevention Coalition
  6. Coalition Strategy Partners

Prevention Coalitions

We help organize prevention activities relating to youth safety and resiliency by working in partnership with community organizations and all seven Whatcom County school districts. We coordinate and support coalitions and community groups that work with schools and community groups to increase connections and support healthy youth and families. 

Get involved in your local coalition. You’ll be a part of supporting:

  • Campaigns, programs and projects that promote healthy choices and connections with peers, family, school and community.
  • Parent-child programs. 
  • Training for youth, parents and professionals.
  • Youth-led prevention clubs and events.
  • School-based case management and groups.
  • School counselors for prevention and intervention.
  • Changes to policies that increase healthy choices for everyone, like the laws to limit vaping in public places or creating a county-wide program for safe, secure medicine disposal.

Youth prevention coalitions in Whatcom County consist of multiple sectors of the community, including youth, parents, law enforcement, businesses, schools, family and youth-serving organizations, and other key stakeholders.