Restaurants and other food establishments that serve food to the public have a role to play in keeping people healthy and safe from foodborne illnesses. We work with food establishments to make sure their facilities are safe for preparing and selling food.

  • Businesses, events, community meals, and farmers market booths must have a permit to operate. You can find forms and application materials below.
  • Community meals and food distributions sites need to be approved to operate.
  • Wholesale food processing businesses and cottage food businesses are regulated by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Contact them for more details.
  1. New or Remodeled Food Businesses
  2. New Food Truck or Mobile Food Vending
  3. Changing Ownership
  4. Farmers Market Vendors
  5. Fairs, Festivals, Fundraisers, & Other Events
  6. Community Meals & Food Donations

New or Remodeled Food Businesses

To start a new food business or remodel one, you'll need to submit a food establishment plan review application.

Approval Process

Food business approval is a three-step process:

  1. Plan Review. Submit your application packet to us for review. We review the menu, equipment plan, and food preparation methods to make sure they follow the Washington State rules for food safety. We will work with you until plans are approved. The initial review usually takes about two (2) weeks.
  2. Submit an annual operating permit application. Once your plans are approved, you must apply for your annual food establishment permit (your annual operating permit) and pay all fees.
  3. Pre-operational Inspection. After your plans are approved and all permit fees are paid, we will schedule an inspection. This pre-operational inspection ensures that equipment is working properly and is installed as shown in your approved plans.

Be sure to also contact local building and planning departments about their separate review and permit processes.

Forms & Application Materials

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