About the Law Library

The Law Library serves the citizens and legal community of Whatcom County. Our mission is to provide access to current legal research materials and referral to other resources.

Board of Trustees

  • Dean Brett, member Whatcom County Bar Association
  • Perry Eskridge, member Whatcom County Bar Association
  • William Knudsen, member Whatcom County Bar Association
  • Judge Charles Snyder, Whatcom County Superior Court
  • Jack Louws, Whatcom County Executive (ex officio)
  • Dave McEachran, Whatcom County Prosecuting Attorney (ex officio)
Law Librarian
  • Virginia Tucker
The Law Library is funded through a portion of local court filing fees, and through a generous annual donation from the Whatcom County Bar Association. County law libraries are established by Washington Law R.C.W. 27.24