Community Information and Family Support

The following are community information, education and support programs funded through the Whatcom County Developmental Disabilities Program. Stay connected to timely and accurate information about services, events, and resources.

Parent Coalition

The Parent Coalition provides leadership support for a broad-based coalition of individuals with developmental disabilities and their parents/guardians. It provides information and referral and serves as a resource for community members and caregivers in understanding and navigating the developmental disabilities service system.  

Parent to Parent

Parent to Parent provides emotional support and information to families of children with special needs or disabilities. Program supports include creating parent matches with trained "helping parents," support meetings, social and networking events, and a quarterly newsletter.

Youth Self Advocacy Project

The Youth Self Advocacy Project helps young adults with developmental disabilities identify and communicate their needs and interests and become strong self-advocates. Program support includes monthly meetings, an annual community project, and outreach to school districts and other partners.

Single Entry Access to Services (SEAS)

Single Entry Access to Services (SEAS) is part of Whatcom Taking Action. The SEAS line is an access point for help with resources and service navigation for kids ages birth through 21 who have or may have special needs. A SEAS Navigator will listen and help families connect with services that best meet their needs.