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We collect, analyze and use public health-related data. We use it to help us make policies, plan programs, and inform our community about local health issues. Find many of our most current data reports below, listed by health topic.

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We regularly use these public health-related open public data sources:

Data SourceDescription
ADAIData on drug treatment and related deaths
ALICEData on Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed families.
Census DataIncludes detailed demographic data, income, health insurance, poverty, and housing information.
County Health RankingsData on quality and length of life, health behaviors, social and economic indicators, health care, and environment.
Washington State Dept. of Health Data and Statistical ReportsProvides links to multiple health topics and data visualization.
Washington Dept. of Social and Health Services Community ProfilesBroad range of data include substance use, domestic violence, arrest data, pregnancy, voter registration, academic achievement, etc.
Healthier Washington DashboardData on the Medicaid population in Whatcom County. Includes information on healthcare access, medication management, primary care visits, ED utilization, etc.
Healthy Youth SurveyIncludes a board range of data about public school students including substance use, weight, physical activity, mental health, academics, safety and violence.
Office of Superintended of Public InstructionPublic school student data for individual schools and school districts. Include demographic, school readiness and achievement, free and reduced lunch, graduation rates, etc.
Washington Tracking Network and DashboardsBroad range of public health data on climate, community characteristics, environment, social determinants of health, opioids, immunizations, biomonitoring, etc.