Septic & Drinking Water Records

You can find most records for septic systems and drinking water systems for Whatcom County properties in our online files, including:

  • Approved Water Availability Forms (for wells or other surface water sources).
  • Approved On Site Sewage permits (septic system permits).
  • Reports of System Status (ROSS).
  • Plats.

Applications and permits that are not yet approved are not available online.

Search for Records

Search for septic and drinking water records in our online search tool.

  • To search for septic or drinking water records, you’ll need to enter your property ID number or GeoID or parcel number. 
  • You can find your property ID or GeoID/parcel number online from the Whatcom County Assessor’s Office using the steps below, if you don’t already know it.

To find your property ID number or GeoID:

1. On the Whatcom County Assessor’s Real Property Search page, select "Property Address" in the Search Type field. Type in your property’s street address, and select "Search."

Property Address Example

2. The table will display both the Property ID and Geo ID/Parcel Number.

Property Search Results

What if my records are not online?

If your documents are not available online, the search tool will notify you. Your records may be available from our office. Call us at (360) 778-6000 or email us, and we can verify if there are records for your property in our files and provide them for you.