GIS Parcel Viewer Help

How Does the Parcel Viewer Work? 

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To access information for a displayed feature simply click to view, or tap if on a mobile device.  

Tip: The arrow icons indicate further information or options: right-arrow or Down Arrow

The other option is to use the search toolbar.  Search Bar
Note:  On a cell phone or small mobile device you might only see the search box. Select the vertical dots next to the search box to see additional tools.    vertical dots

There are four types of searches that are supported: Property ID, Geo ID, or Address. By default, all fields are searched. Use the drop-down arrow to the left of the search box to narrow your search type.

Parcel Viewer Icons Explained

Home Icon
This icon takes the user back to the original view, with the full county visible on the screen.
My LocationMy Location
My Location icon will show your location depending on the type of device you are using.  When the app runs on desktops, it uses the browser on the network to detect the location. When the app runs on mobile devices, by default, it uses GPS on the device to determine your location.  Accuracy of the location will vary based on type of browser and device, so there are known limitations.
About this applicationHelp
Application HELP Links to useful Information and Frequently Asked Questions about this application
Layer ListLayer List
Displays a list of data layers in the application that users can turn off and on.  Information made visible may also be available in the popup window.  
Displays a legend for the visible layers in the map. 
Basemap GalleryBasemap Gallery
Presents a gallery of basemap content that is available in your map view.  Note: this content may be hidden underneath Aerial Imagery and Bare Earth Topo if these layers are turned on the Layer List.  
Allows you to measure the area of a polygon, length of a line, or find the coordinates of a point.  The tool also allows you to change the unit of measurement or change coordinate format. 
Provides a palette of basic graphic symbols and text that can be added to your map.  This tool will also apply these symbols when producing map output using the print tool.
Allows users to create a map output to a variety of image formats while providing the user more advanced printing options to add map elements (scale, bar/legend, etc.)
public notification iconPublic Notification
Allows users to create public notification mailing lists based on parcels within a buffered or user-selected area.  For more information see the FAQs to the right or here.