County Investment Portfolio

The Whatcom County Treasurer's Office actively manages an investment portfolio of approximately $400 million. The investments of Whatcom County, as well as most special taxing districts in the County, are pooled together in the Whatcom County Investment Pool (WCIP). The Treasurer's Office invests the public's funds in accordance with all federal, state and local governing statutes as well as in accordance with the Whatcom County Investment Policy, the WCIP Operating Terms and Conditions, and standards established by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

Fund Management

Fund managers at each special district provide written authorization for the Whatcom County Treasurer to invest monies not required for immediate expenditure. The Treasurer then places these monies in legally authorized investments for the benefit of the specific special district.

The Whatcom County Treasurer's Office invests funds for:

  • Over 50 Whatcom County funds
  • 7 School Districts
  • 16 Fire Districts
  • 8 Water Districts
  • 11 Cemetery Districts
  • 3 Parks and Recreation Districts
  • Council of Governments
  • McCauley Creek Flood Control District
  • Northwest Regional Council
  • Public Utility District #1
  • Whatcom County Rural Library System
  • Whatcom Transportation Authority
  • Point Roberts Hospital District

Investment Policy

The purpose of the Whatcom County Investment Policy is to ensure that all investments of public funds:

  • Preserve capital
  • Protect investment principal
  • Provide adequate liquidity for the County and its special districts
  • Achieve the highest investment return without compromising the primary objectives of safety and liquidity