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Safe Start Reopening Guidance

A lot of information exists to help businesses reopen. The following resources provide general information for all businesses, to help guide you through reopening, safely. 

Additional Resources

Peer to Peer local guidance for specific sectors can be found at

Washington State Resources
National Resources

If you have general inquiries or need assistance with your safe start plans, please contact us:

By email:

During business hours:  360-778-6100

Information about what to do if you have an ill worker can be found in this FAQ.

Health Department Guidance for Specific Fields

Child Care and Schools
Faith Community

What to do if a worker is sick or tests positive for COVID-19

Our FAQ document outlines what to do when a worker shows signs of COVID-19 or tests positive.If you have a worker who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or is a close contact of someone who has, you must contact our Business Response Team (BRT):

By email: 

During business hours:  (360) 778-6100

After hours: (360) 715-2588

General inquiries and assistance with Safe Start plans should not be sent to the BRT. For general question and inquiries please contact the Health Department:

By email:

During business hours:  360-778-6100

Please remember that employees or volunteers who are sick should immediately be sent home and should not come to work while they are sick. 

safer stronger together logo

The "Safer. Stronger. Together." campaign was created to support businesses and organizations with unified recognizable signage to be used throughout the county, to communicate with your customers about your commitment to their safety.  

Posters and signage can be downloaded, or you can request the printed materials for free!