Primary Duties

What are the primary duties of the county treasurer?
The County Treasurer plays a major role in the financial infrastructure of local government. The Treasurer is the custodian of all funds for the County and governmental subdivisions. The Treasurer's Office operates much like a bank. The Treasurer is primarily responsible for:
  • Collecting real and personal property taxes (including performing foreclosure and personal property distraint activities on delinquent accounts), special assessments, excise tax, gambling taxes and miscellaneous receipts from other county districts and departments.
  • Accounting for all funds and deposits of revenues for the state, county, cities, and junior taxing districts (schools, cemeteries, fire and drainage).
  • Determining if adequate cash is available and authorizing the release of warrants for payment to vendors.
  • Administering short and long term debt financing.
  • Managing cash flow of the county and investing funds not needed for immediate expenditures for the county and junior taxing districts.
  • Coordinating bank services and facilitating financial planning within and between the county and various taxing districts.
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