Scooping Ambassador Program (SAP)

What is the Scooping Ambassador Program?

The scooping Ambassador Program (SAP) is an opportunity started for community members to:

  • Increase community awareness of the ways that pet waste can affect our water quality and health.

  • Reduce the amount of raw and bagged pet waste that is left on the ground.

  • Help people adopt good scooping habits by providing information and tools.

  • Keep our yards, trails, beaches, water, and shoes clean.  

What do Ambassadors do?

The team of neighborhood and community ambassadors help us spread the message that picking up after your pet is the right thing to do! We provide ambassadors with a variety of methods to accomplish this because everyone’s comfort level, opportunities, communities, and situations are different.

Folks who live in neighborhoods that have a lot of foot traffic may find it easier to strike up a conversation. Those who live in more rural areas may have more success reaching people with a yard sign. Others might find using social media or community groups a good way for them to spread the message. Some ambassadors prefer to focus their time and efforts on their favorite park or trail.  

How can Ambassadors spread the "scoop it, bag it, trash it" message?

When our ambassadors sign up for SAP they receive a toolkit to help them get started. Ambassadors can decide what tools work for them, and place an order for more supplies when they run out. The toolkit includes:

  • A yard sign to help remind neighbors walking by to Scoop it, Bag it, and Trash it.
  • A supply of poop bag dispensers and bags to hand out to dog owners in need, or use to spark up a conversation with someone.
  • Tips and FAQs to help support conversations and answer questions.

Some creative ways ambassadors connect with people about why scooping is important are:

  • Sharing information at boy scout meetings. 

  • Posting materials or leaving supplies on community bulletin boards.

  • Post on social media or in online community groups.

  • Using the yard sign to give out scooping supplies like poop bags. Try having a basket full of bags under your sign, or hanging bags off of the sign.

How do I sign up for the program?

Send an email to [email protected] to sign up for the program. You will be contacted about scheduling a time to pick up your toolkit or have it delivered. Note: Delivery is dependent on staff availability.

What are Ambassadors saying about the program?

“I enjoyed talking to my neighbors.”

“It was interesting talking to people and explaining why in our area it’s important to pick up the poop. We have a creek in our neighborhood.”

“Very rewarding.”

“It was an easy way to engage neighbors and friends.”

“Appreciated having the support, supplies, and signs to help us in our neighborhood!”

Click the images below to view the toolkit resources electronically.
The Poop Problem Rack Card
Tips for Talking about Dog Poop
Neighborhood Yard Sign
thumbnail showing a document with the words Frequently Asked Questions written over it
Are you already a neighborhood ambassador and running low on supplies? Fill out our supply reorder form so we can restock you!