2023 We Scoop Photo Contest and We Scoop Prize Drawing

We Scoop Photo Contest Aug 27 to Sept 30

The 2023 We Scoop Photo Contest has finished and the winners are in! 

First Place - Dixie

A black dog sits on a rock foreground, a mountain scape is visible behind them

Second Place - Rosie

a small brown dog stands on leaf covered ground, wearing a green vest with an orange and blue ball i

Third Place - Woody

An Irish setter with a stars and stripes hat and bandanna holding a US flag

City of Bellingham Winners

First Place - Loki

a small brown and white dog stands on a rocky trail

Second Place - Bridger

A brown dog stands on a rocky outcropping overloooking water

Third Place - Millie

Brown Australian shepherd sites in a grassy field with woods in the background

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