"I Love Whatcom" message promotes community pride

The Whatcom County Executive’s Office, in partnership with organizations and businesses across the county, has unveiled an image promoting an “I Love Whatcom” message. “It’s always a good time to show appreciation for this special place we call home. I hope that people will incorporate this image and message into their personal and professional lives,” said Whatcom County Executive Satpal Sidhu. “It’s a small reminder that we all have some things in common, including a shared love for this wonderful place.”


The image, developed by graphic designer Bradley Lockhart, has components which represent various aspects of Whatcom County—a blueberry and raspberry representing modern agriculture as well as Oregon grape and thimbleberry, native plants which local tribes harvested for sustenance for many hundreds of years. The orca and salmon, prominently featured here, are not only sacred for the Nooksack and Lummi but also now endangered species which today we all are fighting to save. The mountains and trees, rain and sun, river and canoeist are also part of the essence of Whatcom.

“Having grown up along the banks of the Nooksack River in rural Whatcom County, the opportunity to create the ‘I Love Whatcom’ design was very special for me,” said Bradley Lockhart. “It is my hope that this little graphic can act as a colorful reminder to each of us to celebrate the land, to respect its people, and to protect the fragile ecosystem."

The image is available for any person or organization to use free of charge.

Image symbols explained

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