Special Sex Offender Disposition Alternative

The Special Sex Offender Disposition Alternative (SSODA) Program began in 1990 and is mandated under SSSB 6259. SSODA provides for intensive supervision and treatment, and allows for public safety and therapeutic concerns to be addressed. All first-time adjudicated felony sex offenders are evaluated for risk to the community and suitability for community-based treatments.


A probation officer prepares a social history on all sex offenders referred by the court for a SSODA evaluation. State certified sex offender therapists then evaluate the youth for risk to the community and amenability to be treated locally. These reports are then given to the court at a disposition hearing. If the youth is sentenced to the SSODA Program the probation officer supervises the case while the youth is in treatment for a 2-year period.


Intensive outpatient treatment coupled with intensive community supervision has proven to be highly successful with the majority of juvenile sex offenders. Weekly contract between the probation officer and therapist allows for immediate sanctions if the Court Order or probation contract terms are not being adhered to. If community safety concerns come to the forefront during community-based treatment, the SSODA disposition can be revoked and the juvenile sentenced to a juvenile rehabilitation institution.