COVID-19 Administrative Orders

In response to proclamations by the Governor of the State of Washington and Orders from the Washington State Supreme Court, below are the Administrative Orders Whatcom County District Court has issued in regard to the current pandemic. 

If you are seeking to appear in court remotely via telephone or internet ZOOM, which is permissible in most cases, please see Administrative Orders number 2020-12 and 2020-16 for details (or call the Court’s office at 360-778-5400 at least three days prior to the hearing). 

  • With regard to traffic infractions, see Admin. Order 2020-12 section C.4., and Admin. Order 2020-16 local rule WDIRLJ 3.5(B) for remote appearance, and WDIRLJ 3.5(A) for submitting a contested response by just a written statement (also a new option). 
  • For civil cases, including civil protection order hearings, see Administrative Order #2020-12 section B.5.
  • As for criminal matters, see Admin. Order 2020-12 section A.3.f.i. and Admin. Order 2020-16 for local rule WDCrRLJ 6 for “out-of-custody” matters (Note, for modification  of No Contact Orders, see Admin. Order 2020-12 section A.3.b.), and for “in-custody” hearings, see Admin. Order 2020-12 section A.2.

Administrative Orders

Orders are in ascending order.