Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are manufactured homes and park models that are not classified as travel trailers. Mobile homes are generally classified as real property for valuation and property tax purposes.

Title Transfers, Original Purchases, and Title Eliminations

Please visit the Auditor’s Office Licensing Division Mobile Homes website for more information on:

  • Title Transfers
  • Original Purchases
  • Title Eliminations

Moving a Mobile Home

If you are moving and placing an new mobile home or moving an existing mobile home, outside of City limits, in Whatcom County, you will need a permit from the county Planning and Development Services. You can view their permit packet here.

A Tax Certificate for Mobile Home Movement must be completed by the Assessor’s Office before a mobile home can be legally moved. Different steps may need to be taken according to your circumstances so it is best to contact the Assessor’s Office at least 48 hours prior to the move.

An advance tax payment may be required if the mobile home is moving out of county, out of state, to storage, or after September 1st of the current appraisal year.

Moving must be done by a legal mover who has a current WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) and a current WUTC (Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission) registration. You may contact the Assessor’s Office for verification.

When you are ready to move, please contact the Assessor’s Office with the following information:

  • Pickup and delivery location of the mobile home
  • An approximate moving date
  • The mover’s name
  • If there will be a change of ownership

The Assessor’s Office will prepare the Tax Certificate for Mobile Home Movement and work with the Treasurer’s Office to calculate any taxes or fees that may be applicable.

Please note that mobile homes built before 1976 will require an additional step of obtaining a Labor and Industries (L&I) inspection. The L&I website has additional information.

Once the steps above are completed it is possible to pick up the Tax Certificate for Mobile Home Movement at the Assessor's Office. The Treasurer's Office will collect any applicable taxes and fees and provide moving cards that must be affixed to the mobile home prior to moving.

If there is a change in ownership this can be done at the same time. Visit the Auditor’s Office Licensing Division Mobile Homes website for additional information.

Destroyed Mobile Home

If a mobile home has been destroyed by a natural disaster such as a fire, flood, etc., or you have had it demolished, notify the mobile home clerk in the Assessor’s Office. This will enable the mobile home to be removed from the tax rolls so it will not be taxed in future years. Based on circumstances, you may be advised to file a destroyed property claim form as it could also qualify for abatement of excess property taxes based on loss of value resulting from the destruction. Contact the mobile home clerk in the Assessor’s Office for additional details.

To obtain a county demolition permit for a mobile home located outside of city limits, contact the county Planning and Development Services. This permit notifies an appraiser from the Assessor’s Office to confirm the mobile home has been demolished. A Destroyed Property Affidavit is not required in this circumstance.


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