2021 Districting Committee

The 2021 Whatcom County Districting Committee had its final meeting on December 1st, 2021. The final plan will be submitted to the Whatcom County Auditor and the new boundaries will be in effect in 2022.

View the Final Districting Plan Here

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2021 Districting Committee Meetings

Meeting Date 
 Meeting Time and Location
Notice and Agenda 
 Meeting Summaries
Additional Documents
January 28, 2021
3:00 p.m. - via Zoom Notice and AgendaSummaryAudio - Video
February 4, 20213:00 p.m. - via ZoomNotice and Agenda

SummaryAudio - Video
September 15, 20211:00 p.m. - via ZoomNotice and AgendaSummary
Audio - VideoMap Scenarios A-D
September 29, 20211:00 p.m. - via Zoom
Notice and Agenda
Audio - VideoMap Scenarios E-H
Info from Districting Master
October 27, 20211:00 p.m.  - via ZoomNotice and Agenda
Audio - Video Map Scenarios I - L
November 4, 20211:00 p.m. - via ZoomNotice and Agenda
Audio - VideoMap Scenario M
Map Scenario N
November 17, 20211:00 p.m. - via ZoomNotice and Agenda Summary
Audio - Video Draft Districting Plan
Public Hearing Notice
December 1, 20211:00 p.m. - via ZoomNotice and AgendaSummaryAudio - VideoFinal Districting Plan

Committee Members

  • Charlie Crabtree
  • Mike Estes
  • Stephen Jackson
  • Gary Jensen - Chair
  • Jeremiah Ramsey
  • Tjalling Ypma - Districting Master

Districting Information from the Whatcom County Charter

 Section 4.40 District Boundaries.

The boundaries of each district shall correspond as nearly as practical with the boundaries of election precincts and shall be drawn to produce districts with compact and contiguous territory, composed of geographic units which are approximately equal in population.

Section 4.41 Districting Committee.

During the month of January, 1981, and by January 31 of each tenth year thereafter, a five-member Districting Committee shall be appointed. The County Council shall appoint four persons to the committee, two from each major political party, the four to appoint the fifth who shall be the Chairman. The Districting Committee shall within thirty (30) days of its appointment meet and appoint a Districting Master who shall be qualified by education, training and experience to draw a districting plan. If the Districting Committee is unable to agree upon the appointment of a Districting Master within thirty (30) days, the County Council shall appoint a Districting Master by March 31 of that year.

Section 4.42 Districting Plan.

The Districting Master shall draw a districting plan for the county which shall be submitted by May 1 of the same year to the Districting Committee for adoption with or without amendment. The Districting Committee shall adopt the districting plan within fifteen (15) days. Upon adoption, the districting plan shall be filed with the County Auditor by the Districting Committee. The plan shall become effective upon filing.