Marshall Hill Road Landslide Repairs

Map of Marshall Hill Rd with red text overlay on the closed portion of the roadway.


Marshall Hill Road is experiencing severe erosion of the material beneath the roadway pavement, called subgrade, and the embankment of the adjacent hillside. The affected portion of the roadway is located approximately 1000 feet east of the intersection with Cronk Rd. As a result, Marshall Hill Road is closed to all traffic in this area. 

Project Update

October 2023

A 0.20-mile section of the road east of Cronk Road remains closed to all traffic until repairs are completed to the damaged roadway. Geotechnical and hydraulic evaluations are ongoing, with construction anticipated for 2025.

  1. Update on Marshall Hill Landslide Repairs

    Marshall Hill near Cronk Road has been reduced to one lane with stop signs in each direction since a landslide that happened in February 2021. Read on...
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Project Overview:

  • Status: Ongoing geotechnical and hydraulic evaluations
  • Next Steps: Construction anticipated for summer 2025

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