Lynden Levee Rehabilitation and Channel Realignment


This project included realigning a channel that runs adjacent to the Lynden Wastewater Treatment Plant and enhancing habitat in the newly created channel. It was constructed in conjunction with a levee improvement project by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The USACE project included replacing two existing culverts that penetrate the levee with a new culvert and fish-friendly flood gate, and restoring the levee crest and erosion protection. 

Project Update

Both projects were constructed in tandem between June to September 2021. Riparian planting at both project sites and mitigation sites was completed in March 2022. 

Project Slide Show - slides showing before, during, and after photos.

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Contact Us

  1. Deb Johnson, PE

    Project Engineer
    [email protected]

    322 N Commercial Street
    2nd Floor
    Bellingham, Washington 98225

Project Overview:

  • Status: Completed September 2021 with riparian planting in March 2022
  • Next Steps: Monitor for 10 years to ensure project success
  • Construction Contractor: Strider Construction
  • Construction Cost: $397,625

Project Benefits

  • Improve Levee and Culvert performance and reliability
  • Improve Salmon and Riparian Habitat
  • Improve   Channel and Drainage
  1. Funding
  2. Project Documents

Total project costs for the Whatcom County channel realignment project are estimated at $625,000 (design, permitting, and construction)

  • 80% funded through a Floodplains by Design grant
  • 20% funded by the Flood Control Zone District, Lynden-Everson Subzone, and the City of Lynden

Total project costs for the the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) levee improvement project are estimated at $1 million

  • 80% funded by the USACE
  • 20% funded by the Flood Control Zone District