Stimpson Family Nature Reserve

Notice: The parking lot at Stimpson Family Nature Reserve will be closed for maintenance on October 10th from approximately 10am to 2pm. Additional Details
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Lake Whatcom Watershed Protection

Please, No pets at Stimpson Family Nature Reserve

The Stimpson Family Nature Reserve offers over 4 miles of hiking trails through a beautiful forest setting. The forest is largely undisturbed and displays characteristics of an old-growth forest, including Douglas Fir trees over 400 years old, a wide diversity of tree species, snags and decaying logs, and a complex architecture of canopy, understory, shrub layer, and tapestry of the forest floor. Two ponds and additional wetland areas support a wide variety of plants and animals, including beaver. Deer, cougar, and smaller mammals frequent the park.

  1. Trails

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Main Loop

A loop trail with 300 feet of elevation gain takes you through dense forest, moss covered trees, fields of ferns, and wetlands. The first 0.1 miles of the trail, up to the Beaver Pond Viewpoint, is a fully accessible gravel path.
Moderate, 3.2 miles loop

Geneva Pond Loop

A spur trail off the Main Loop leads to a quiet circle around Geneva Pond.
Moderate, 2.0 miles loop