Shallow Shore Culvert Replacement

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  1. Loni Patterson

    Project Engineer

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Project Summary

The project will relocate an existing stormwater outfall to a more suitable location.

Project Benefits

  • Correcting existing drainage issues

Project Description

The primary goal is to collect and re-route surface water through existing County right-of-way to Lake Samish. The current drainage system does not directly flow into Lake Samish. Presently, the stormwater exits County right-of-way and flows overland to the lake resulting in flooding during severe rain events. The project accounts for the runoff from the contributing areas, upsizes the drainage ditches and culverts along Shallow Shores Drive  and creates a new outfall into the lake at Bass Street. 

Project Overview

Status: Pre-Construction Underway

Next Steps: Construction starts mid-August 2023

Schedule: Construction mid-August to mid or late September

Engineer of Record: Wilson Engineers

Contractor: Western Refinery Services, Inc.

Construction Contract Amount: $248,513.72