Long Plat Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to the Assessor’s Office review of long plats before recording. The timeframe below will allow the Assessor’s Office to review and communicate back any issues prior to the recording date. The office will make every effort to accommodate requests to review outside this timeframe, but cannot guarantee we can perform all necessary work on a short timeline.


Once the checkprint has been prepared, the developer or agent submits the checkprint to the Assessor’s Office (generally at least a month before recording). The checkprint must include all of the pages in the proposed plat and can be submitted as a PDF via email or as a full-size (24” x 24”) physical copy delivered to the Assessor’s Office.

The checkprint is reviewed by the Assessor’s Office to verify the legal description and map for accuracy, to check for participation in an exemption program that may impact the process, and to provide the Treasurer’s Office with the parcel numbers and values for all property included in the legal description. The Treasurer’s Office will then use this information to calculate the tax amount that will need to be paid prior to recording. Typically, proposed tax parcel numbers are created from the checkprint as part of the review and are emailed to the developer. Assuming that the final plat reflects the checkprint, the proposed tax parcel numbers are activated after the plat is recorded. On occasion, preliminary parcel numbers may change after the plat is recorded and fully processed.


On the day of recording, the developer or agent brings the final set of mylar sheets to the Assessor’s Office where staff reviews and compares to the checkprint. The Assessor does not sign the mylar, but after confirming no significant changes have been made to the previously submitted checkprint, we then issue a tax form that lists parent parcels number(s). The developer takes the tax form and the final set of mylar sheets to the Treasurer’s Office, pays any outstanding taxes on the parent parcel, and obtains the Treasurer signature to certify that all taxes have been paid.

New Covid-19 Policy

All in-person interactions for plat reviews at the Assessor’s Office require an appointment made in advance.

A separate appointment must be made with the Treasurer’s Office. The two offices will coordinate to ensure both offices are available at the requested appointment time.

To make an appointment please contact us by phone at 360-778-5050 or by email at [email protected].