Flood Recovery Information

Whatcom Long Term Recovery GroupThe Whatcom Long Term Recovery Group (WLTRG), in collaboration with the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office Division of Emergency Management, is working to provide coordination and recovery services to individuals, families, businesses and communities that were adversely affected by the severe Whatcom County flooding and mudslides that occurred in November 2021. The WLTRG was initially formed under the name Whatcom Strong through the grassroots efforts of local churches, city officials, and residents. Modeled after the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters Long Term Recovery Group Model, the WLTRG is currently working to contact those impacted by flooding in order to assist with disaster relief and recovery.  

Currently, one Disaster Case Manager Lead and eight local Disaster Case Managers (DCMs) are working to contact more than 1,500 households impacted to assess current needs. DCMs are on the front lines of long-term recovery efforts. They open and maintain files on each individual needing assistance, refer them to resources, help them develop recovery plans, represent their needs at the Unmet Needs Committee roundtable, schedule volunteers through our Volunteer Committee leader, and represent their needs to our Repairs and Rebuild Committee leader. All of the WLTRG's assistance efforts funnel through Disaster Case Managers (DCMs), and DCMs will be prioritizing resources and needs throughout the recovery process. 

The Whatcom Long Term Recovery Group (WLTRG)

Whatcom Long Term Recovery Group