Real Property Auctions

The Whatcom County Treasurer may conduct several property auctions per year, as necessary. Different types of property can be sold at these sales. Check the Auctions page for sale dates and link to minimum bid lists.

The number of parcels auctioned varies greatly from sale to sale. An auction may have anywhere from one parcel to hundreds of parcels. Because they vary so much in size, the location of each auction may also change to accommodate the number of persons attending.

No Guarantees

Anyone considering buying property at a Treasurer's sale should be aware that there is risk. When selling parcels, the County conveys the entirety of the interest that it is legally capable of transferring, unless otherwise noted. However, the County does not guarantee or provide warranty as to the extent of the interest. The County makes no guarantees whatsoever on parcels sold at Treasurer's sales.

The following statement applies to all Treasurer's real property sales:

"This is a buyer beware sale. All sales are final. We offer the parcels on a "where is" and "as is" basis. The County makes no representation of warranty, express or implied, nor any guarantee of warranty, express or implied, as to the condition of title to any property, nor the physical condition of any property or it's fitness for any use or purpose."

Researching Properties

Proceed to our property auction research page for additional research information.

How the Auction Works

Proceed to our property auction process page for additional information on the process.