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Whatcom County disclaims any warranty of merchantability or warranty of fitness of this data for any particular purpose, either express or implied. No representation or warranty is made concerning the accuracy, currency, completeness, or quality of the data depicted. Any user of these data assumes all responsibility for use thereof, and further agrees to hold Whatcom County harmless from and against any damage, loss, or liability arising from any use of the data.

RCW 42.56.070 prohibits the release of lists of individuals requested for commercial purposes. The requester expressly represents that no such use of any such list will be made by the user or its transferee(s) or vendee(s).

Property Short Master

The real property short master is a list of parcel accounts with data including parcel numbers, property addresses, ownership names, and property value information. This dataset does not contain business personal property parcel accounts or utility or operating property accounts.

The data is offered in three different formats. Each format contains a complete dataset.

  • Comma Separated Values file (csv) that has been compressed in a zip archive
  • Microsoft Database file (mdb) that has been compressed in a zip archive
  • Microsoft Excel file (xlsx)

Please note: Values listed may not be final/certified values. Please contact the Assessor's Office with value questions.

Short Master Downloads

GIS Shapefile

The GIS "shapefile" is a set of eight related files including polygons that represent tax accounts. Each record in the shapefile is attributed with a 16-digit parcel number/geographic identifier (GID) and a five- or six-digit property identifier (PID). The shapefile does not include business personal property tax accounts or utility company operating property.


The first six digits in the 16-digit GID indicate the parcel's township, range, and section, with two characters for each. The second set of six digits indicate the approximate centroid of the parcel as an X, Y coordinate within the section, with three-characters each. The final four digits, if other than four zeroes, indicate the auxiliary account reference number.

For example: GID 380330_147320_0000

  • the first six digits represent Township 38 North, Range 03 East, and Section 30
  • the XY coordinates are x147 and y320
  • the last four zeroes indicate that this is a primary account

If an auxiliary account, the GID will end with a number between 0001 and 9999.


The PID is a unique database number assigned to the tax account. In the shapefile, if the record has a PID of zero (0), there is no tax account number assigned as it may be a common parcel, one of unknown ownership, tribal land or, river wash land along the banks of a river.

GIS Shapefile Downloads