Response Systems

Response Systems programs focus on serving people who lack adequate care for behavioral health challenges. Many of these community members rely heavily on 911, crisis services, or are caught up in the legal system.

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Additional Resources

Our Response Systems Services 2022-2024 Timeline illustrates a roadmap overview for programs and services. 

Behavioral Health Training

The Respond Whatcom Behavioral Health Training is a multi-part series designed to give first responders, behavioral health workers, and other professionals a closer look at behavioral health in our community. The training was created under the guidance of these leaders, who offered their expertise throughout the training development process. A comprehensive look at behavioral health is offered through this training, featuring the voices of people who have utilized behavioral health services, families, and those working in the field. 

If you are a first responder, behavioral health worker, or other related professional, sign up for this free online training here. This training is not currently available for the general public.

If you need technical assistance, please contact Riley Myers at [email protected].