Lummi Island Breakwater Replacement, CRP No. 914015

Lummi Breakwater Location

Lummi Breakwater

Project Summary

This project replaced a small breakwater with a larger and longer breakwater. This will provide for greater safety for the ferry boat from winds as it comes into the dock on the Lummi Island terminal.


  • Improved safety
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduced maintenance costs/problems
  • Improved flood protection/reduced risk of flood damage 

Project Update

The breakwater replacement and dolphin repair project was completed in November 2022. 

Breakwater construction at Lummi Island Ferry Terminal

Breakwater construction at Lummi Island Terminal

Dolphins and Breakwater


Whatcom Chief at Lummi Island Terminal

Lummi Island Breakwater and Whatcom Chief

Final Project Plans

Project Plans

  1. Financial Information

Quarterly Updates