Whatcom Street Medicine

Street Medicine Member Bandaging a Leg

The Whatcom County Street Medicine Team was established in November 2022 as a response to the need for accessible healthcare among those experiencing homelessness in Whatcom County. The Street Medicine Team brings medical aid to those experiencing homelessness and provides a multitude of healthcare services. These services include first aid, medical triage with Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the hospital system, medical advice, and evaluation of acute medical conditions when needed.

Currently, the Street Medicine Team makes rounds once a week in the afternoon. The Street Medicine Team performs outreach to areas experiencing any level of homelessness in Whatcom County. This team is partnered with the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) to facilitate building relationships between medical providers and patients and provide the Street Medicine Team support on the streets. Additionally, Road2Home has been supporting the team since late 2022 and provides the team with two skilled social workers to connect individuals with community resources and social services.

This team is comprised of MRC medical providers ranging in credential types working outside of traditional healthcare settings, meeting individuals where they are at. To volunteer, please email [email protected].

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