Public Notices 2023

Permit Number
Notice Type
Comment and/or Appeal Period Ends
1348 South Lake Whatcom Blvd
Craig OstromSEP2020-00057SEPA Determination12/29/2023MDNS and Linked Documents
2714 Douglas RoadMcKenna ThompsonADM2023-00057Administrative Use Permit12/27/2023Linked Documents
3901 Unick Road
Mark PersoniusSEPA2023-00085SEPA Determination12/22/2023Linked Documents
9545 Hill Road
Maddie SchachtSEPA2023-00064SEPA Determination12/18/2023DNS
1475 Chuckanut Drive
Maddie SchachtVAR-MIN2023-00001Minor Zoning Variance12/22/2023Linked Documents
5419 Petticote DriveMcKenna ThompsonADM2023-00056Administrative Use Permit12/18/2023Linked Documents
5800 Southview Lane
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00091SEPA Determination12/12/2023MDNS
Whatcom County Right-of-Way Hudson Road and Jones Creek crossing
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00093SEPA Determination12/12/2023DNS
County-WideLucas ClarkSEPA2023-00092SEPA Determination12/06/2023DNS
1861 East Pole Road 
Craig OstromSEP2018-00011SEPA Determination12/06/2023MDNS
4972 Turkington RoadMcKenna ThompsonADM2023-00055Administrative Use Permit12/06/2023Linked Documents
6993 Birch Bay DriveAndrew HicksSHC2023-00005Shoreline Conditional Use12/14/2023Linked Documents
County-WideLucas ClarkSEPA2023-00089SEPA Determination11/27/2023DNS
1311 Roy Road
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00079SEPA Determination11/27/2023DNS
5539 Noon RoadMcKenna ThompsonADM2023-00027Administrative Use Permit11/22/2023Linked Documents
6530 Old Guide Road
Charles SullivanADM2023-00053Administrative Use Permit11/20/2023Linked Documents
4826 Timber Lane
Charles SullivanVAR-MAJ2022-00008Major Zoning Variance11/20/2023Linked Documents
3925 Blue Canyon Road
Kyla WaltersSHC2023-00006Shoreline Conditional Use12/01/2023Linked Documents
6598 Enterprise Road
Maddie SchachtADM2023-00054Administrative Use Permit11/15/2023Linked Documents
3463 Cedarville Road
Maddie SchachtCUP2023-00008
Conditional Use Permit w/ Optional SEPA11/15/2023Linked Documents
7090 Dahlberg Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00075SEPA Determination11/14/2023MDNS
5995 Hoff Circle
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00070SEPA Determination11/14/2023MDNS
2289 Northshore Road
Andrew HicksSHR2023-00010
Shoreline Substantial and Shoreline Variance w/ Optional SEPA11/27/2023Linked Documents
Ø Blaine Road 
Craig OstromSEPA2022-00102SEPA Determination11/06/2023MDNS
8708 Portal Way
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00081SEPA Determination11/09/2023MDNS
672 Polinder Road
Nick Smith

SEPA2023-00087SEPA Determination11/09/2023MDNS
17 Strawberry Point Road
Kyla WaltersSEP2021-00011SEPA Determination11/06/2023Revised DNS
3552 Toad Lake Road
Sam McDaniel
Administrative Use Permit w/ Optional SEPA
11/07/2023Linked Documents
208 Polo Park Drive
Sam McDaniel
Administrative Use Permit
11/07/2023Linked Documents
4750 Lost Creek Lane
Sam McDaniel
ADM2023-00050Administrative Use Permit
11/07/2023Linked Documents
2720 Mt Baker Hwy
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00078SEPA Determination10/25/2023MDNS
842 Larson Rd
McKenna ThompsonADM2023-00052
Administrative Use Permit10/25/2023Linked Documents
1182 Beach AvenueKyla WaltersSHR2023-00008 SHV2023-00002 SHC2023-00004
Shoreline Substantial Development w/ Shoreline Variance and Shoreline Conditional Use11/06/2023Linked Documents
3029 Clipper Road
Sam McDanielSSS2023-00008 SEPA2023-00077Short Subdivision w/ Optional DNS
10/18/2023Linked Documents
Areas Zoned HII in all Municipal UGAs of Whatcom County
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00082SEPA Determination10/16/2023DNS
3140 Douglas Road
Sam McDaniel
SSS2023-00007 SEPA2023-00050
Short Subdivision w/ Optional DNS
Linked Documents
Ø Rex Street 
Point Roberts
Maddie Schacht
ADM2023-00047 SEPA2023-00074
Administrative Use Permit w/ Optional DNS
Linked Documents
4930 Aldrich Road
Maddie Schacht
Administrative Use Permit
Linked Documents
7042 Olympus Way
Sam McDaniel
ADM2023-00042 SEPA2023-00066
Administrative Use Permit w/ Optional SEPA10/12/2023Linked Documents
2720 Mount Baker Highway
Sam McDaniel
Conditional Use Permit10/12/2023Linked Documents
4435 Squalicum Lake Road
McKenna Thompson
Administrative Use Permit10/12/2023Linked Documents
3197 McGee Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00068SEPA Determination10/06/2023MDNS

4160 Fisherman’s Bend Lane

McKenna Thompson
Administrative Use


6417 Mt Baker Hwy
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00057SEPA Determination10/04/2023MDNS
2696 Willeys Lake Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00071SEPA Determination10/04/2023MDNS
8901 Delta Line Road
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00073SEPA Determination10/04/2023MDNS
CountywideCliff StrongSEPA2023-00076SEPA Determination10/03/2023DNS
1303 Parkstone Lane
Nathan GoldschmidtSEPA2023-00049SEPA Determination09/28/2023DNS
4049 Britton Road
Michael KershnerSEP2020-00091SEPA Determination09/28/2023DNS
4738 A&B, 4928, and Ø Jones Road
Amy KeenanSEPA2023-00025SEPA Distribution9/23/2023MDNS
9545 Hill Road
Maddie SchachtSSS2023-00014 SEPA2023-00064Short Subdivision with Optional SEPA9/25/2023Linked Documents
6581 Olson Road
Charles SullivanADM2023-00031Administrative Use Permit9/27/2023Linked Documents
951 Adrian Drive
Charles SullivanADM2023-00034Administrative Use Permit9/27/2023Linked Document
2698 Douglas Rd
Charles SullivanADM2023-00040Administrative Use Permit9/27/2023Linked Documents
4001 York Street
Charles SullivanSSS2023-00004Short Subdivision Alteration9/27/2023Linked Documents
9521 and 9661 Van Buren Rd
Maddie SchachtSSS2023-00012Short Subdivision9/25/2023Linked Documents
8358 Stein RoadMcKenna ThompsonADM2023-00037Administrative Use Permit09/22/2023Linked Documents
8421 Stein RoadMcKenna ThompsonADM2023-00038Administrative Use Permit09/22/2023Linked Documents
8749 Stein RoadMcKenna ThompsonADM2023-00039Administrative Use Permit09/22/2023Linked Documents
Ø South Pass Road
McKenna ThompsonSSS2023-00011
Short Subdivision with Optional SEPA
09/12/2023Linked Documents
1064 Birch Bay Lynden Road
Charles SullivanSEPA2023-00009SEPA Determination09/05/2023DNS
6470 Northwest Drive
Maddie SchachtADM2023-00035Administrative Use Permit09/08/2023Linked Documents
0 Manley Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00054SEPA Determination09/05/2023MDNS
682 Chuckanut Drive 
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00060SEPA Determination09/05/2023MDNS
3236 Jerns Road
Sydney SchlotterbackSEPA2023-00063SEPA Determination09/05/2023DNS
3901 Unick Road
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00047SEPA DeterminationN/ARevised MDNS and Associated Documents
Between Jackson Road and a spur of the BNSF Railway Right-of-Way
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00051SEPA Determination08/30/2023MDNS
1839 Johnson Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00055SEPA Determination08/30/2023MDNS
4519 Grandview Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00056SEPA Determination08/30/2023MDNS
0 Northwood RoadNick SmithSEPA2023-00058SEPA Determination08/25/2023MDNS
4781 Lost Creek Lane
Sam McDanielADM2023-00024 SEPA2023-00039
Administrative Use Permit w/ Optional SEPA08/25/2023
Linked Documents
4029 Willowbrook Lane
Charles SullivanSEPA2023-00042SEPA Determination08/19/2023DNS
4738 A&B, 4928, and Ø Jones Road
Amy Keenan
CUP2023-00004 SEPA2023-00025
Conditional Use Permit with Optional SEPA08/23/2023
Linked Documents
3611 Bay Road
Maddie Schacht
Administrative Use Permit08/18/2023Linked Documents
2104 Dellesta Drive
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00053SEPA Determination08/16/2023DNS
2104 Dellesta Drive
Kyla WaltersSEPA2022-00013SEPA DeterminationN/AWithdrawal
9383 Guide Meridian
Sam McDanielSSS2023-00002 SEPA2023-00031 
Short Subdivision with Optional SEPA ReNotice
08/02/2023Linked Documents
No assigned address; Heady Road & South Pass Road, Maple Falls, WA
Maddie SchachtSEPA2023-00011SEPA Determination08/07/2023DNS
1064 Birch Bay Lynden Road
Charles SullivanADM2023-00011
Administrative Use Permit w/ Optional SEPA08/09/2023Linked Documents
640 Marine Drive - In Squalicum Harbor, BellinghamAndrew HicksSEPA2023-00017SEPA Determination08/03/2023DNS
Ø and 4167 and 4172 Brays Way
Craig OstromADM2023-00029Administrative Use Permit08/07/2023Linked Documents
3901 Unick Road 
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00041 
SEPA Determination08/04/2023MDNS and Associated Documents
131 Soundview Road
Sam McDanielADM2023-00023
Administrative Use Permit08/04/2023Linked Documents
1719 Farmview Terrace
Sam McDanielSSS2023-00005 SEPA2023-00029
Short Subdivision with Optional SEPA08/04/2023Linked Documents
6875 Guide Meridian
McKenna ThompsonADM2023-00033Administrative Use Permit08/03/2023Linked Documents
9383 Guide Meridian
Sam McDanielSSS2023-00002 & SEPA2023-00031
Short Subdivision with Optional SEPA08/02/2023Linked Documents
4121 Malachite Drive
Maddie SchachtADM2023-00032Administrative Use Permit08/02/2023Linked Documents
3264 Whistler Drive
Maddie SchachtADM2023-00030
Administrative Use Permit08/02/2023Linked Documents
4029 Willowbrook Ln
Charles Sullivan
VAR-MAJ2022-00010 SEPA2023-00042
Major Variance with Optional SEPA07/31/2023
Linked Documents
2181 Northshore Road
Kyla WaltersSHR2023-00007
Shoreline Substantial Development and Shoreline Variance with Optional SEPA08/14/2023Linked Documents
0 Northshore Rd
Sam McDanielADM2023-00012Administrative Use Permit07/25/2023Linked Documents
2600 Mackenzie Road
Maddie SchachtSEPA2022-00087SEPA Determination07/03/2023DNS
1740 Lake Whatcom Blvd
Maddie Schacht
SEPA2022-00113SEPA Determination07/01/2023DNS
2580 Lake Whatcom Blvd 
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00036SEPA Determination07/05/2023DNS
Haida WayAndrew HicksSHC2022-00009
Shoreline Conditional Use and Shoreline Variance and Major Variance07/20/2023Linked Documents
3901 Unick Road
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00047SEPA Determination06/30/2023MDNS and Associated Documents
3310 Slater Road
Nick SmithSEP2020-00024SEPA Determination06/30/2023MDNS
815 W Pole Rd
McKenna ThompsonADM2023-00025Administrative Use Permit06/28/2023
Linked Documents
2633 Delta Ring Rd
Craig OstromBSP2023-00001 SEPA2023-00037
Binding Site Plan w/ Optional SEPA06/28/2023
Linked Documents
Haida WayAndrew HicksSHC2022-00009
Shoreline Conditional Use and Shoreline Variance07/13/2023Linked Documents
8718 Windon Lane
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00045SEPA Determination06/26/2023MDNS
640 Marine Drive - In Squalicum Harbor, Bellingham
Andrew HicksSHR2023-00003
Shoreline Substantial w/ Optional SEPA07/12/2023Linked Documents
2094 Kelly Rd
McKenna Thompson
Administrative Use Permit06/21/2023
Linked Documents
212 Polo Park Drive
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00040SEPA Determination06/20/2023DNS
5610 Judy Way
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00043SEPA Determination 06/20/2023MDNS
R-O-W adjacent to Holeman Ave from 6928 Holeman Ave to 6932 Holeman Ave
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00044SEPA Determination 06/20/2023DNS
9063 Depot Rd
Maddie SchachtSSS2023-00006
Short Subdivision06/16/2023Linked Documents
3014 Cedar Lane
Sam McDaniel
ADM2023-00018Administrative Use Permit
Linked Documents
8068 Birch Bay Drive
Charles Sullivan
Major Zoning Variance06/09/2023
Linked Documents
0 E Laurel Rd
Maddie Schacht
Administrative Use Permit
06/09/2023Linked Documents
6456 Hannegan Rd
Maddie Schacht
Administrative Use Permit
06/09/2023Linked Documents
210 Polo Park Drive
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00035SEPA Determination 06/07/2023DNS
2226 Academy Highlands Lane
Maddie Schacht
SEPA Determination
746 Marine Dr
McKenna Thompson
Administrative Use Permit
06/01/2023Linked Documents
1336 Seacrest Drive
Kyla WaltersSHR2023-00004
Shoreline Substantial and Shoreline Variance and Conditional Use06/17/2023Linked Documents
4519 Grandview Road
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00038SEPA Determination05/31/2023MDNS
7609 & 7605 Birch Bay Drive
Kyla WaltersSHR2023-00005 SHC2023-00003 SEPA2023-00033
Shore Substantial and Shoreline Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA06/15/2023Linked Documents
0 Blaine Rd
Craig OstromCUP2022-00012
Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA
Linked Documents
8458 North Pass Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00034SEPA Determination05/25/2023DNS
0 Dahlberg Road
Eric CauboSEPA2023-00030SEPA Determination05/23/2023DNS
3870 Holtzheimer Trail Rd
McKenna Thompson
Administrative Use Permit
Linked Documents
286 Shallow Shore Road
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00012SEPA Determination05/19/2023DNS
3257 Northshore Road
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00021SEPA Determination05/19/2023DNS
2587 Northshore Road
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00024SEPA Determination05/19/2023DNS
2825 Lake Whatcom Blvd
Kyla WaltersSEPA2023-00026SEPA Determination05/19/2023DNS
6311 North Star Rd
McKenna ThompsonADM2023-00016Administrative Use Permit

05/17/2023Linked Documents
3217 Greenwood Ave
McKenna Thompson
ADM2023-00013Administrative Use Permit
05/17/2023Linked Documents
1265 Marine Drive 
Amy KeenanSEP2009-00116SEPA Determination05/16/2023MDNS
County-wideCliff Strong
SEPA Determination
4172 Squalicum Lake Road
Charles Sullivan
Administrative Use Permit

05/09/2023Linked Documents
5900 Block of Truck Road
Andrew HicksSEPA2022-00111SEPA Determination05/04/2023DNS
2640 Pyeatt Place
Michael KershnerSEPA2023-00001SEPA Determination05/08/2023DNS
3951 Britton Rd
Maddie Schacht
ADM2023-00004Administrative Use Permit
05/05/2023Linked Documents
5579 Guide Meridian
Sam McDaniel
Administrative Use Permit
05/04/2023Linked Documents
4005 Saltspring Drive
Andrew HicksSHC2023-00002Shoreline Conditional Use05/18/2023Linked Documents
787 & 727 Beard Road
Nick SmithSEPA2023-00010SEPA Determination04/26/2023MDNS
Various DistrictsMatt AamotSEPA2023-00027SEPA Determination04/25/2023DNS
4672 Birch Bay Lynden Road
Amy Keenan
CUP2023-00003Conditional Use Permit04/25/2023Linked Documents
0 South Pass Road CORRECTED
Sam McDanielCUP2023-00001 Conditional Use Permit04/18/2023Linked Documents
Along Glacier Creek levee in Glacier, WA. Approx. ¼ mile South of Mt. Baker HwyAndrew HicksSEPA2023-00018SEPA Determination04/18/2023DNS and Linked Documents
Various – Under management of WDFWAndrew HicksSEPA2023-00022SEPA Determination04/18/2023DNS
7771 Leibrant RoadSam McDanielSSS2023-00001 SEPA2023-00020Short Subdivision w/ Optional SEPA

04/17/2023Linked Documents
8145 W 42nd PlMaddie SchachtADM2023-00014Administrative Use Permit04/14/2023Linked Documents
9062 Giles RdMaddie SchachtADM2023-00015Administrative Use Permit

04/14/2023Linked Documents
5280 Northwest DriveNick SmithSEPA2022-00117SEPA Determination04/12/2023MDNS
2104 Dellesta DriveKyla WaltersSEPA2022-00013SEPA Determination04/10/2023DNS
2116 Buchanan LoopNick SmithSEPA2022-00062SEPA Determination04/10/2023MDNS
4605 Cable StreetMichael KershnerSEPA2022-00116SEPA Determination 04/10/2023DNS
7041 Vista DrCharles SullivanCUP2022-00013Conditional Use Permit04/07/2023Linked Documents
5173 Hannegan RdCharles SullivanADM2023-00008Administrative Use Permit04/07/2023Linked Documents
2160 H Street Rd Sam McDanielADM2023-00010Administrative Use Permit04/05/2023Linked Documents
992 Paradise RdSam McDanielADM2023-00002Administrative Use Permit03/29/2023Linked Documents
2160 H Street RoadEric CauboSEPA2023-00013SEPA Determination03/27/2023MDNS
6439 Mt Baker HwyEric CauboSEPA2023-00014SEPA Determination03/27/2023MDNS
8484 Horizon DriveEric CauboSEPA2023-00015SEPA Determination03/27/2023MDNS
County-WideEric CauboSEPA2023-00019SEPA Determination03/27/2023DNS
0 South Pass RoadSam McDanielCUP2023-00001Conditional Use Permit03/27/2023Linked Documents
710 E Smith RdSam McDanielADM2022-00023Administrative Use Permit03/23/2023Linked Documents
5413 Waschke RdCharles SullivanADM2022-00040Administrative Use Permit03/22/2023Linked Documents
5283 E 18th CrescentCharles SullivanADM2022-00035Administrative Use Permit03/22/2023Linked Documents
3711 Cabrant RdCharles SullivanADM2022-00028Administrative Use Permit03/22/2023Linked Documents
Heady Rd south of South Pass RdMaddie SchachtBLA2023-00005 EXE2023-00001 SEPA2023-00011Boundary Line Adjustment and Exemption Application w/ Optional SEPA03/22/2023Linked Documents
5550 Aldrich RdSam McDanielSEPA2022-00066SEPA Determination03/11/2023Revised MDNS
7863 Crockett RdSam McDanielADM2023-00006Administrative Use Permit03/10/2023Linked Documents
5200 Turkington RdMaddie SchachtSEPA2022-00094SEPA Determination03/05/2023DNS
3325 Brown RdSam McDanielADM2023-00003Administrative Use Permit

03/08/2023Linked Documents
6795 Hawk Ridge DrMaddie SchachtADM2023-00009Administrative Use Permit03/03/2023Linked Documents
5326 Reese Hill RdEric CauboSEPA2023-00006SEPA Determination02/10/2023DNS
County-wideNick SmithSEPA2023-00004SEPA Determination02/10/2023DNS
2195 Buchanan LoopNick SmithSEPA2022-00060SEPA Determination02/10/2023MDNS
3704 South Bay DrAndrew HicksSEPA2022-00105SEPA Determination02/10/2023DNS
283 W. Wiser Lake Rd Andrew HicksSEPA2021-00042SEPA Determination02/18/2023DNS
County-wideCliff StrongSEPA2023-00008SEPA Determination02/24/2023DNS
4191 Sucia DriveKyla WaltersSHC2023-00001Shoreline Conditional Use03/06/2023Linked Documents
8859 Mt Baker HighwayKyla WaltersSHR2023-00001Shoreline Substantial03/06/2023Linked Documents
2718 Northshore RdSam McDanielSEPA2022-00032SEPA Determination02/15/2023DNS
1305 Ten Mile RoadSam McDanielSEP2021-00085SEPA Determination02/14/2023MDNS
4677 & 4656 Drayton Harbor RoadKyla Walters and Maddie SchachtSHR2021-00016
Shoreline Substantial and Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA03/02/2023Linked Documents
7457 & 7461 Birch Bay DriveKyla WaltersSEPA2022-00106SEPA Determination02/13/2023DNS
3214 Birch Bay Lynden Road Eric CauboSEPA2023-00003SEPA Determination02/13/2023DNS
2552 Delta Ring RoadNick SmithSEP2021-00092SEPA Determination02/09/2023MDNS
855 Bennett RdSam McDanielADM2022-00041ADM2022-0004102/08/2023Linked Documents
West Shore DriveSam McDanielSSS2022-00015Short Subdivision02/06/2023Linked Documents
8351 N Telegraph RoadEric CauboSEPA2023-00002SEPA Determination02/03/2023DNS
418 E Axton RoadJoshua FleischmannSEPA2022-00114SEPA Determination02/03/2023DNS
6022 North Star RoadMaddie SchachtADM2022-00034Administrative Use Permit01/25/2023Linked Documents
5380 Belfern DriveNick SmithSEPA2022-00110SEPA Determination01/25/2023MDNS
1861 Mount Baker HighwayAmy KeenanCUP2022-00006 SEPA2022-00089Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA01/18/2023Linked Documents
8028 Blaine RdAmy KeenanPUD2022-00001 Planned Unit Development01/18/2023Linked Documents
8300 Semiahmoo Drive - CORRECTEDMaddie SchachtADM2022-00039Administrative Use Permit01/18/2023Linked Documents
1940 Marine DriveKyla WaltersSEPA2022-00109SEPA Determination01/11/2023DNS
4900 Block of Highland DriveKyla WaltersSHR2022-00009Shoreline Substantial01/26/2023Linked Documents
1740 Lake Whatcom BlvdMaddie SchachtCUP2022-00014
Conditional Use w/ Optional SEPA01/10/2023Linked Documents
2349 Coyote Creek DriveMaddie SchachtADM2022-00022Administrative Use Permit01/10/2023Linked Documents
710 Hatchery RoadAndrew HicksSHR2022-00018Shoreline Substantial01/23/2023Linked Documents
5800 Block of Truck RoadAndrew HicksSHR2022-00019
Shoreline Substantial w/ Optional SEPA01/23/2023Linked Documents