Beach Ave (Lummi Island) Roadway & Slope Failure Repair

Map of Beach Avenue on Lummi Island

Project Background

As a result of an extreme rainfall and flooding event that occurred in mid-November 2021, approximate 250 linear feet of Beach Ave between Cedar Way and Aiston Creek Road (private road) experienced severe erosion of the roadway shoulders and undercutting asphalt travel lanes with washout of roadway’s structural base. County maintenance crews have constructed temporary roadway repairs to establish a temporary one-way, alternating traffic lane to provide limited access for emergency and service vehicles.  Residents with passenger vehicles are encouraged to continue using Berry Way/Aiston Creek Road (both private roads) to access their residences south of the Beach Ave closure. Whatcom County Public Works and a hired geotechnical consulting engineering firm will examine the site condition of Beach Avenue and develop a permanent roadway repair plan to be constructed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 

Project Updates

(10.20.23) The County’s consultant team is currently wrapping up the alternatives analysis phase and beginning the 30% design of the preferred repair option. The final design is expected to be completed this upcoming winter, with construction still anticipated for the summer of 2024, pending environmental permitting reviews.

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