Fox Road/California Creek Fish Passage

Map of California Creek at Fox Road

Project Summary

This project replaces the existing culvert conveying California Creek under Fox Road with a new crossing structure. The current culvert is a barrier to fish passage. It is also undersized and results in frequent overtopping of the roadway.

Project Benefits

  • Improve safety and access for road users
  • Improve fish passage
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance costs/problems
  • Reduce risk of flooding and flood damage to roadway

Project Description

California Creek crosses Fox Road approximately 1500 feet east of the Fox Road/Vista Road intersection north of Ferndale, WA. The limited capacity of the existing 6-foot diameter culvert results in frequent overtopping of the roadway creating ingress/egress barriers as well as reoccurring damage to the road shoulder. In addition, the culvert is considered a fish barrier by the WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. 

Whatcom County has begun the preliminary engineering analysis and a feasibility study as the first step of the culvert replacement process. Various crossing options such as culverts, bridges, or other alternatives will be considered and a preferred crossing option will be moved to detailed design and then construction.

Project Background

In 2021 Whatcom County installed two (2) 3-foot diameter relief pipes at the crossing as a temporary measure to improve conveyance under the roadway and access for local residents. Permitting conditions for the temporary work requires the implementation of a permanent crossing solution meeting current fish passage standards. 

  1. Funding
  2. Financial Updates
  3. Project Documents

Funding for this project is currently provided through the local Road Fund.