Court Approved Transcriptionists

Pursuant to GR 35, below is the list of Court Approved Transcriptionists for Whatcom County Superior Court. If you are seeking a transcript for a District Court matter please contact that Court.

Each Superior Court department has a specific Court Reporter unless noted otherwise.  

  • Judge Robert Olson, Department 1  - Laura Parker  360-778-5609
  • Judge Evan Jones, Department 2 - Wendy Raymond  360-778-5610
  • Judge Lee Grochmal, Department 3 - Rhonda Jensen  360-778-5608
  • Judge David Freeman, Department 4 - Please contact Laura Parker   360-778-5609

Due to Department 4 not having a Court Reporter, the approved Court Reporters for Departments 1 - 3 should be contacted first before going to any outside agency for transcripts. Laura Parker is the main contact for those requests.

 Additional Approved Transcriptionists

Name/CompanyEmail/WebsitePhone number
Brandy Lewis/BML Transcripts[email protected]360-684-2461
Sue Fox-Golombek/Express Legal Transcripts[email protected]360-739-6707
Buell Realtime Reporters www.buellrealtime.com206-287-9066
Danielle Schemm[email protected]360-460-5109
Eileen Sterns[email protected]
Bonnie Reed Strehlo[email protected]206-624-3005
Jack Donley/BulletProof Editing LLC[email protected]425-802-3406
Marjorie Jackson[email protected]206-624-3005

Requests for audio/video recordings heard before a Court Commissioner shall be made in-person at the Clerk's Office, 3rd floor suite 301, via email at [email protected], or via phone at 360-778-5618. The fee for each CD is $25.00, per hearing. Upon receipt of payment, the CD will be prepared within 24-48 hours.

If you wish to be added to the list above, please fill out the application and either email or drop it off in person to Stephanie Kraft.