Drug Court Procedures

What are the procedures of Drug Court?
If a person is currently charged with a felony offense a request for admission to Drug Court may be made. The Drug Court candidate's request for approval into the Drug Court system is made to the prosecutor's office. A wait list is created for the program because there are more eligible candidates than the Drug Court program can handle at current funding levels. The prosecutor's office reviews the candidate's file and disapproves or approves the request for admission to Drug Court. Candidates may be rejected for any of the following reasons:
  • History of violent crimes or current violent crime or drug dealing offense
  • Extensive failure to appear history
  • Outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions
  • Inability to pay full restitution within 18 months (or within the time period that the candidate is under Drug Court supervision)
If the prosecutor's office approves the request, then the request is forwarded to the case manager of the Drug Court program. The case manager may reject any candidate for Drug Court if inappropriate for therapeutic or other reasons. With the approval of the case manager, the candidate is accepted into the program.

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