River & Flood Video Series

Nooksack River Floodplain Improvements

This video series follows local resident Gavin Willis as he learns about integrated floodplain improvement in the Nooksack River basin. Tag along to see initiatives being taken by landowners, witness examples of partnerships through the Floodplain Integrated Planning (FLIP) process, and hear about actions being taken to find solutions.

Episode 1- Landowner-Led Initiatives

Learn about the history of floodplain improvements on Bertrand Creek. Highlighted projects include salmon habitat restoration, flood risk management, and protection of farmland.

Episode 2- Collaborative Design

See an example of the FLIP process and learn how engagement and collaboration led to integrated solutions along Cougar Creek.

Episode 3- Urgency

Hear about steps being taken by the FLIP Team to support a flood-resilient community. This episode discusses impacts from the November 2021 flooding and stakeholder involvement to develop integrated short and long-term solutions.

These videos were created with funding from Floodplains by Design (WA State Department of Ecology Grant #SEAFBD-2019-WHCOPW-00054) and the Ag Water Board of Whatcom County.